The building represents Humanity the is at the top of a green mound which represents Earth and the impressive design facade is in Arabic Calligraphy made up of Stainless Steel .

Museum of Future

The Museum of the Future is an engineering marvel that covers the future and focuses on the future related to Space Exploration, technologies, Innovations, the craziest gadgets, Nature, Health, and our Future Heroes. 

Museum of Future Design

The engineering was handled by the Buro Happold engineering consultancy services and the design for the Museum of the Future was designed by Killa Design Architects. 

About Museum of Future

In this chapter, you will understand the workings of the Space station and monitor the space projects and solar systems  

Chapter 1 OSS HOPE (Orbital Space Station Hope)  

- Moon Viewing window  - Earth Overview  - Command Room of OSS Hope   - Pioneer Applications Stations 

This chapter is all about understanding the Ecological System and how nature will be healed and the species and plants will be saved in the future from being extinct. 

Chapter 2 The Heal Institute (4th Floor) 

Place of Happiness and Well-being. You can experience a variety of therapies here on this floor to take good care of your health as in 2030 technologies will rule us. 

Chapter 3 Al Waha (3rd Floor) means OASIS in Arabic 

Home of the craziest Tech Innovations, gadgets that exhibit near-future technologies from innovators all around the world. 

Chapter 4  Tomorrow Today (2nd Floor) 

There is access to the Viewing deck of the Museum.

Tickets to the Museum of the Future tour are of two types general admission ticket which is 149 AED and the Pioneer Pass Special powered by VISA for 399 AED 

Museum of the Future tickets 

The Museum of the Future is open for visitors from 09:30 AM to 9:00 PM where the museum tickets are available daily from 09:30 AM till 07:00 PM. 

Museum of the Future Timings