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Discover Top 7+ Washington DC Sightseeing Places 


In this list the first comes is the most recognised building worldwide and which is the official residence and workplace of The President of The United States of America.

The White House

It is one of the most famous monument honors the 16th president of the United states of America, Abraham Lincoln who guided the country during the civil war and played an important role in abolition of slavery. 

Lincoln Memorial

It is build to honor the Americans both Men and Women those who served the Armed forces of the United States of America during the World War II. 

National World War II Memorial

Washington Monument is 555 Feet tall Marble tower, It is a towering obelisk built in the shape of Egyptian Obelisk administered by the National Park Service. 

Washington Monument

One of the best and most popular museum to explore the world important collection of aircrafts and space artifacts and stories dedicated to the history, science and exploration of aviation and space. 

National Air and Space Museum, Washington DC.

The United States Capitol is the branch of the U.S federal government It serves as the meeting place for the United States Congress and the seat of the legislative. 

United States Capitol

The Smithsonian National Zoo is the home of Asian Elephants, Pandas, Reptiles, Mammal and many others the zoo also offers educational programme and events to make visitors understand the importance of wildlife 

National Zoo



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