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Discover Top 7+ Washington DC Sightseeing Places

Explore Washington DC sightseeing places which has significance importance and popular all over the world and visited by millions of tourist every year.

Washington DC which is the capital of The United States is also known as the “Museum capital of the world”.

Washington DC top sightseeing places which make it one of the most visited and favorite’s among all of us.

This blog covers the top Washington DC sightseeing places popular all around the world

If you are planning to visit the Museum capital then you must know more about the top sight seeing places.

Explore Top Washington DC Sightseeing Places

The White House

Washington DC sightseeing places

In this list the first comes is the most recognised building worldwide and which is the official residence and workplace of The President of The United States of America.

The White House is one of the most powerful House Worldwide located at Pennsylvania Avenue one of the prime location.

The White house has a rich heritage and cultural significance one can book a public tour to visit the building but has to fulfill certain conditions and need to be planned well in advance for more information you can visit The White House Official page where you will get all the information.

Tourist from all corner of the world come here to see The White House as it can be seen from outside the best view is from South lawn.

How to Reach The White House?

The closest metro station to reach The White House is Federal Triangle, Metro Centre and McPherson Square you can use the public transport as the parking is not available nearby.

Lincoln Memorial

Washington DC sightseeing places

It is one of the most famous monument honors the 16th president of the United states of America, Abraham Lincoln who guided the country during the civil war and played an important role in abolition of slavery.

Inside the Lincoln Memorial there is a statue of Abraham Lincoln which is completed under the supervision of French Sculptor it took around four years to complete the statue.

It is also one of the most visited place in Washington Dc people usually sit and enjoy the view and also one of the best spot to click best photos from here you can clearly see the Washington Monument.

The Lincoln Memorial is been administered by the National Park Service.

The memorial is open to all and it is open 24 hours a day and 365 days a year .

National World War II Memorial

The National World War II memorial is another most important monument administered by the National Park Service.

It is build to honor the Americans both Men and Women those who served the Armed forces of the United States of America during the World War II.

It is a tribute to those who fought to restore the freedom and dedicated their life for the Nation the memorial believes in “Service, Sacrifice ,Unity and Victory”.

Washington DC sightseeing places

The memorial consist of 56 Pillars and a Freedom Wall which holds 4048 gold stars where Each gold star represents one hundred American Service Personnel who died or remain missing in the War and those 546 Pillars represent the United States States.

In order to honor our Veterans it is Ok sitting with your foot in the water as people come and pay tribute to our soldiers but do not walk in the water.

Washington Monument

The another monument in the list is Washington Monument which is built to honor George Washington the First President of the United States of America.

Washington Monument is 555 Feet tall Marble tower, It is a towering obelisk built in the shape of Egyptian Obelisk administered by the National Park Service.

Visitors can enter the monument and can take an elevator or climb the stairs to the observation deck to the top of the monument.

In the Past many historical gatherings and many events have taken place in Washington Monument from here one can clearly see the most iconic building and monuments around.

After the completion in 1884 Washington Monument was one of the tallest building in the World.

Washington DC sightseeing places

Smithsonian National Air and Space Museum, Washington DC.

One of the best and most popular museum to explore the world important collection of aircrafts and space artifacts and stories dedicated to the history, science and exploration of aviation and space.

One Museum in two locations with free entry one is in Washington DC and the other in Chantilly, Virginia two prime locations.

The National Air and space museum is part of the Smithsonian Institution located in the Independence Avenue SW Washington.

If you visit the museum now you will get overall new experience as it was reconstructed recently and still part of it is under construction.

It is near to the US Capitol Building and in order to visit the museum you have to book a slot the tickets is free of charge but registration need to be done prior for booking you can visit the official page.

United States Capitol

The United States Capitol is the branch of the U.S federal government It serves as the meeting place for the United States Congress and the seat of the legislative.

The United Capitol is located in Capitol Hill an iconic symbol of American Democracy to reach the US Capitol nearest metro station is Federal Center SW.

The Capitol is open for guided tours visitors can explore the historic architecture and observe the legislative process to visit the Capitol building click here.

The US Capitol Building is featured in US Dollar.

Washington DC sightseeing places

The Supreme Court Building

The permanent home of the court is The Supreme court of the United States.

The Supreme court building is also referred as “The Marble Palace”, official workplace of the Chief Justice of India.

It is one of the most Important iconic and significant symbol of American Judicial system.

The Supreme court stands for the individual rights, justice and equality.

The court is near to the U.S Capitol Building and the nearest metro station is Federal Centre SW.

Jefferson Library Congress

The Thomas Jefferson building or Library of Congress Building or Jefferson Library honors the third president Thomas Jefferson.

The interior and the architecture of the building is itself a masterpiece and it is one of the oldest among the four building of library of the Congress.

The Thomas Jefferson building is located at First Street S.E. Infront of the U.S Capitol Building and The Supreme Court of the United States.

Tours and Events are organised at regular intervals one can book a slot the information is available on the official page.

Smithsonian’s National Zoo & Convention Biology Institute

The National Zoo is located at Connecticut Ave NW in order to reach the National Zoo the nearest metro station is Woodley Park/ Adams Morgan it is one of the most exciting and educational attractions for visitors of all age groups.

The Smithsonian National Zoo is the home of Asian Elephants, Pandas, Reptiles, Mammal and many others the zoo also offers educational programme and events to make visitors understand the importance of wildlife overall learning of wildlife and conservation.

The Entry is free of Charge always and it is open all 365 days if you are visiting the National Zoo one has to reserve and register on the website and obtain a pass and there is a parking facility is also available.

Steven F. Udvar Hazy Center Chantilly, VA

The Steven F Udvar Hazy Center is located in Chantilly, Virginia in the museum there is a collection of huge aircrafts and space artifacts.

The museum is special as here the main attractions is a Blackbird SR 71, Space shuttle Discovery, Concorde and many such aircrafts available in two different hangars.

If you have already been to the Air and space museum Washington DC then you will realise it is the extension of Washington Museum.

The museum is opened for visitors in the year 2003 and named after the pioneer of aviation Steven F. Udvar Hazy.

It is opened for visitors everyday except December 25 and the ticket is free of charge but one has to register online and if you are coming by own vehicle then there is parking fee which is applicable which is 15$.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is the Entry for Air and Space Museum Washington DC is Free?

Yes the entry is free but still you have to reserve and book the slot which is need to presented at the counter during entry here is the link

Is the Entry for National Zoo Washington is Free?

Yes the Entry is free like others you have to register online after registration a barcode will be downloaded which is need to present during entry Click here.

What is the Nearest train station for White House ?

To reach The White House you can get down at Federal triangle, McPherson Square or Metro Centre as you can cover all sightseeing places by walking.

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Discover Top 7+ Washington DC Sightseeing Places