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Flying? Former flight attendant’s Top Travel Tips For your 1st Flight

Flying – Thinking of your first flight or are you nervous? Don’t be, here we will help you to plan your journey smooth if you consider flight attendant advice for smart travel tips before you take off.

I was recently asked if I would be interested in writing an article for the website by a very close friend, and I immediately said, “Of course.”

By this point, you must all assume that I am a talented writer. The answer is NO.

I would never call myself a writer but when he contacted me, I reasoned, “It won’t hurt to write.” So here I am, a former flight attendant, giving you my advice for smart flying.


So, to start off, before your luggage vanishes from view at the check-in desk, swiftly verify that the airline staff has appropriately labelled it. Also ensure to collect the baggage tag and verify the destination on it.

Even the staff are humans, mistakes happen.


Make sure you have the paperwork you need before you enter the airport, such as your passport, boarding passes and any other travel documents.

When travelling through the airport, keep these items apart from those you might not require as often. Flying is an experience for everyone.

Studies show that going to the left will increase your chances of getting through security more quickly. Now you know the secret of getting through the security soon.

Women who dislike security pat-downs may want to refrain from wearing underwired bras.

The Ear popping while flying

It is one of the most frequently asked question.

My advice will be to carry chewing gum or mints with you.

They’re fantastic for preventing popping ears and distributing them to the individual in the seat behind you who has the bothersome cough.

Be friendly.

Photo by Joshi Milestoner on Unsplash

Water is necessary while flying.

When on the flight, we get thirsty often!

Why wait for the flight attendant? Bring a collapsible water bottle with you.

Once you have cleared security, you can fill it up at the eateries and water fountains in the departures lounge.

Staying hydrated is essential for long-distance flying.

Maintain hygiene while flying

After Covid flying has changed drastically.

Now, hand sanitizer is a saviour. When you’re on the go, antibacterial wipes are fantastic because they can be used everywhere.

If you feel stuffy or hot, carry a little water spray bottle with you.

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