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Dubai Frame Tour – History, Tickets and Facts

Dubai Frame Tour is one of the most demanding tours visited by millions of tourists every year, Dubai Frame which is a marvelous work of engineering and the cultural landmark of Dubai opened to the public on 1st January 2018 connects historical and Modern Dubai, It holds the Guinness world record for the World’s largest picture frame offers a spectacular view of Old and New Dubai from 48th Floor observation deck.

Dubai is the capital city of the Emirates of Dubai and the most populous and most visited city of UAE. Dubai has a lot to offer to its visitors and proved from time to time that they are the best and offers marvelous engineering unique design and famous attractions to its visitors.

Dubai is a famous tourist destination and also a first choice for tourism people from all over the world visit Dubai every year, Dubai is a tourism hub that connects people with future vision.

Though there are many famous top Dubai attractions in today’s blog we will find out more about the World’s largest picture frame – The Dubai Frame.

Dubai Frame Information

Dubai Frame holds the record of the World’s largest Picture frame by the Guinness Book of Records, considered one of the major tourist attractions of Dubai offers stunning panoramic views of many famous Dubai attractions and connects Old Dubai with Modern Dubai.

Dubai Frame is standing tall at a height of 150.24 meters and with a width of 95.53 meters, the construction of Dubai Frame started in the year 2013 and was completed in 2017.

In May 2019 it was registered by the Guinness Book of World Records as the World’s Largest Picture Frame.

Dubai Frame Design

Dubai Frame was designed by the Mexican architect Fernando Donis, the exterior design of Dubai Frame is based on the Dubai International Expo Logo.

Dubai Frame design has been inspired by the “Golden Ratio” a ratio that is a special ratio that many architects believe to be perfect for structural balance.

Dubai Frame Interesting facts

  • More than 3000+ professionals which include technicians, engineers, and architects, workers turned the Dubai frame into reality.
  • It took almost three years to complete the Iconic Structure.
  • Dubai Frame is famous for its Glass walk.
  • The Dubai Frame observation deck is on the 48th Floor.
  • The Dubai Frame Elevator in just 75 seconds reaches the top on the 48th Floor.
  • The Dubai Frame is standing tall at 150.24 meters with a width of 95.53 meters.
  • The Dubai frame connects Old Dubai to Modern Dubai.
  • The Observation Deck on the 48th floor offers a stunning 360-degree panoramic view.
  • Stability tests were carried out to check the super marvelous structure.
  • The Dubai Frame is taller than the Statue of Liberty and the Great Pyramid of Giza.
Dubai frame tour

Dubai Frame Glass Walk

The Dubai Frame is special as on the observation deck there is strong luminous glass installed which you can experience by walking offers an amazing experience.

The Glass panels installed in the Dubai Frame are laminated and provide insulation against the hot climate by keeping the iconic structure cool.

Dubai Frame Tour

The Dubai Frame tour can be taken during visiting hours, It also offers a guided tour, especially for its VIP guests. The tour can be individually where you can cover Old Dubai Gallery, Future of Dubai, 360-degree panoramic view, Glass Walkway experience, and Souvenirs and Coffee on top.

Dubai Frame Tour Duration

The Dubai Frame tour as mentioned on the tickets says the journey duration is 30 minutes for more information on the tour you can visit the official page

Dubai Frame Tickets

The Tickets for the Dubai Frame Tour can be booked online though many online websites offer tickets at discounts, I suggest buying from Headout as they provide great deals on tickets and pricing.

Tickets can be purchased from the counter during visiting Hours.

For online booking please visit

Dubai Frame Timings

The Dubai Frame is open to visitors all year round 365 Days a which includes public holidays and weekends but during the holy month of Ramadan, timings may vary.

Dubai Frame Admission Fee

Adults52.50 AED
Children (3-12years)21 AED
Free Entry 
Infant (Under 3 Years)Free

Dubai Frame Location

The Dubai Frame is located in Zabeel Park, Dubai, United Arab Emirates, the location is prime and well connected with metro, the nearest metro station AL JAFILIYA and from Dubai International Airport it’s 10 min drive.

Dubai Frame Map

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Where is Dubai Frame?

    The Dubai frame is in Zabeel Park, Dubai, United Arab Emirates. It is 10 minutes from the Dubai International Airport.

  2. Who designed the Dubai Frame?

    The Dubai Frame is designed by the Mexican architect Fernando Donis, the outer design of the Dubai Frame is based on the Dubai International Expo Logo.

  3. Is Dubai Frame is open on Holidays?

    Yes, the Dubai Frame is open all year round on all public holidays and on weekends from 9 Am to 9 Pm but during the holy month of Ramadan the timings changes for more you can visit

  4. How to reach the Dubai Frame?

    The Dubai Frame is located in Zabeel Park which is 10 minutes from the Dubai International Airport and the nearest metro station is AL JAFILIYA Station from the metro station it takes 20 minutes to walk to the Dubai Frame.

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Dubai Frame Tour – History, Tickets and Facts