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P547 SEHESTED Fast Attack Craft – Copenhagen Warships

The torpedo missile boat and Fast Attack Craft P547 SEHESTED is among the WILLEMOES-class, which along with its 9 sister ships, was part of the Royal Danish Navy fleet and at present is in Copenhagen warships museum with other warships Frigate HDMS PEDER SKRAM and Submarine SAELEN.

During its service to the nation, it served as a prominent part of the naval defense of Denmark and NATO during the Cold War.

The enemy was right in fearing this vessel which with its small size and crew was named as potently as a major surface combatant. The Class was armed with wire-controlled torpedoes, long-range Harpoon missiles, and a 76mm gun.

These fast attack aircraft are considered to be the most advanced ships equipped with all modern technology installed with sensors and artillery direction for combat and are considered to serve as minelayers.

These fast attack craft ships can reach a high speed of 40 knots which is equivalent to 74km/h or 46m/h.

There was a total of around 25 crew members present at a time in this warship including young men and women, the individual crew members were trained professionally and were best in their field of work they even held a high standard of professional excellence and teamwork.

The WILLEMOES class was decommissioned in 2000.

Weapons installed in P547 SEHESTED Fast Attack Craft?

The warship has also participated in hostilities and is equipped with the most advanced weaponry.

  • Wire controlled torpedoes
  • Long-Range Harpoon Missiles
  • 76mm Gun

Where do you get to see the Warship Museum in Copenhagen?

The Warships is open to the public and is part of the Historic Cold War Museum in Copenhagen in Nyholm.

How to find the Historic Warships Museum in Copenhagen?

The Copenhagen Warships Museum is in Naval Station Holmen inside the military area “Nyholm”. The Warships area is near the City’s main sightseeing area while taking a tour these ships can be seen from far away.

During the guided tour in Canal Tours, segway, and walk these are the main attractions for many.

The Frigate HDMS Peder Skram
Elefanten 2, 1439 Copenhagen K
Phone +45 32571316 (weekdays 10-14)
[email protected]

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Where is the Historic Copenhagen Cold War Museum located?

    The Floating Cold War Museum is in Naval Station Holmen which is an old military area “Nyholm”.

  2. How to find buses for the Copenhagen Warship Museum? 

    If you are planning to visit Holmen for the Historic Warship Museum tour and public transport visit

  3. What is the history of Holmen?

    “Holmen” is the Naval Station famous for its floating Cold War Museum during the old days Holmen was the shipyard and anchorage of the Royal Danish Navy from 1690 to 1993. 

  4. What are the timings for admission to Copenhagen Museum?

    The tour is open for the public during summer from April till August and remains closed during winter for timings visit

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