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Dubai’s Museum of the Future Tour

The Museum of the Future tour is one of the most popular tourist attractions in Dubai, The Museum of the Future will take you on a Journey to 2071 where the future lives. The year 2071 will be the 100th Anniversary of the UAE since its founding.

The Museum of the Future is an engineering marvel where the building represents humanity. It covers the future and focuses on the future related to Space Exploration, technologies, Innovations, the craziest gadgets, Nature, Health, and our Future Heroes.

In this Blog, we will cover the complete information on the Museum of the Future from its foundation to interesting facts and museum of the Future tour, tickets, timings, and History.

About the Museum of the Future

The Museum of the Future idea came into existence in the year 2015 and in April 2016 “Dubai Future Foundation” was launched by his highness Sheikh Mohammed Bin Rashid Al Maktoum and the Museum of the Future was founded under Dubai Future Foundation.

The Museum was officially opened and inaugurated on 22 February 2022 by His Highness Sheikh Mohammed Bin Rashid Al Maktoum, Vice President of UAE and Prime Minister and Ruler of Dubai.

Museum of the Future Design

The engineering was handled by the Buro Happold engineering consultancy services and the design for the Museum of the Future was designed by Killa Design Architects.

Museum of the Future Building

The Museum of the Future building represents Humanity the building is at the top of a green mound which represents Earth and the outer impressive design facade is in Arabic Calligraphy made up of Stainless Steel using robotic technology and the words and quotes are written in Arabic by His Highness Sheikh Mohammed Bin Rashid Al Maktoum as inscribed in the Museum of the Future.

“We may not live for hundreds of years, but the products of our creativity leave a legacy long after we’re gone.”

The height of the Building is 77 meters/225 feet tall, the museum covers a total area of 17600 sq meters and covers a total area of 30548 sq meters.

The building has a unique design and is one of the most beautiful buildings worldwide, the design of the building is torus-shaped or some say like a human eye with hollow in the middle.

The Museum of Future The museum has three entrances: from the roadside, the second on the side of Emirates Hotel Jumeirah, and the third from Metro Emirates Tower Station as it provides direct access from the station at a distance of 10 minutes by walk.

Museum of the Future Floors

The Museum of the Future is a 7-story building that has no corners and columns a state-of-the-art engineering architecture. When you undertake the Museum of the Future tour it starts from the top 5th Floor and then you level down to other floors.

museum of the future tour

Museum of the Future Tour

The Museum of the Future tour is one of the most demanding tours which attracts tourists from all around the globe a popular tourist attractions. The Museum of the Future takes 90-120 minutes approx. to visit the Museum where you will cover the entire museum.

The Museum of the Future tour is divided into four chapters each chapter is designed thinking of the future and the chapters are further subdivided, the tour starts from Level 5 which is a Space Station and to reach the OSS I Hope you board the Falcon Space Capsule, the OSS Hope Space Station is 600Km from the Earth’s Surface and then the first chapter starts.

Your guide and your Virtual Avtar Guide named “AYA” will take you to the Space Station.

Traveling in a Space Capsule is a whole new experience the graphics, sound make it more realistic that you board the Spaceship and enter the space.

museum of the future tour

Chapter 1 OSS HOPE (Orbital Space Station Hope) 

In this chapter, you will understand the workings of the Space station and monitor the space projects and solar systems one of the most interesting Chapters during your tour of the Orbital Space Station you cover

  • Moon Viewing window
  • 3D Model of OSS Hope
  • Earth Overview
  • Monument to the Pioneer (solar Systems)
  • Command Room of OSS Hope – It is the Space Station Command Centre to monitors different Space Missions and spaceships.
  • Hope Testing Room – The testing room conducts tests for Space exploration which will be done in the future.
  • Pioneer Applications Stations – Apply to become a special space pioneer : It Scan your face and afterward, it creates Avtar wearing a Spacesuit and Appoint you there are many Designation that the Applications Centre gives.
  • Return to Earth Drop Pod 

Once you complete the tour of the Space Stations then is time to return to Earth, the spaceship will take you to Level 4 where Chapter 2 starts.

Chapter 2 The Heal Institute (4th Floor)

On Level 4 the chapter starts which is all about understanding the Amazon forest and recovering it from the disaster of 2040, This chapter is all about understanding the Ecological System and how nature will be healed and the species and plants will be saved in the future from being extinct.

The Garden

Research In Ecology and at Heal scientists are working to restore Earth’s Nature with the help of AI and Bio design The Heal is divided into four categories.

2.1 The Forest
2.2 The Library
2.3 The Lab

The place has DNA Samples of over 2400 Species and Each species is kept in a Jar with the KALEIDOSCOPE RAINBOW.

2.4 The Observatory

In the observatory, you understand the Colombian Amazon Rainforest and the various ecosystems in 2071 we will be unaware of the environment and weather conditions and will learn and understand the earth’s ecological system to protect nature and species these ecosystems need to be taken care of.

  • Forest Ecosystem
  • Arctic Ecosystem
  • Aquatic Ecosystem
  • Grassland Ecosystem
  • Swamp Ecosystem
  • Alpine Ecosystem
  • Desert Ecosystem

Chapter 3 Al Waha (3rd Floor) means OASIS in Arabic

Place of Happiness and Well-being – By 2030 depression will take obesity as the biggest health risk it is because of technological abundance depression, anxiety, loneliness, and addiction remain common. You can experience a variety of therapies here on this floor to take good care of your health as in 2030 technologies will rule us.

This Chapter of the tour will disconnect you from technology and reconnect your body, mind, and soul.

Movement Therapy

As you walk, the floor responds to your feet a Kind of therapy that will record your movement.

Feeling Therapy

Reconnect your mind and body by exploring the sensations in your Hands.

Grounding Therapy

Digital Devices stimulate a person’s electromagnetic field and increase stress levels therefore treatment is necessary refer to photo healing vibrations large gong creating a therapeutic sound environment. Touching the healing vibrations here balances the body’s electromagnetic field and restores natural rhythms. 

Connection Therapy

This is for togetherness and connection this therapy is sitting together and humming and then we connect with those around us.

Stillness Therapy

Open your heart and mind take your time and explore your dreams, mediation Tranquility is needed to treat this it improves mental and health well-being.

After this you can make a wish then you see different words written in different languages. This completes the 3rd floor.

Chapter 4  Tomorrow Today (2nd Floor)

Level 2 is the Home of the craziest Tech Innovations, gadgets that exhibit near-future technologies from innovators all around the world. We can see three elevator drop pods, that talk about technological advancements in all spheres whether related to Space, Automobiles, Science, Home Appliances, Artificial Intelligence, and Health and Medical.

At Level 2 you Enter the Viewing Deck of the Museum which is one of the best where you get the amazing view of the museum of the future tour, where you can click photos.

This is the level where you will find Restrooms.

What all will be covered in Tomorrow Today?

It covers the technological advancements in the future where some future gadgets and innovations keep displaying some of the popular ones are Cyberdog, drones, Robots, and 3D Printers creating biological tissue structures and many more.

  • Human shaped robot’s name is Ameca (Humanoid robot) they can speak English and Arabic
  • How will we live in Space?
  • How will we travel – based on autonomous driving and transportation displaying Audi Future Car
  • Reeve’s world’s first hubless electric bicycle fingerprint sensors to lock the wheel
  • Volkswagen yellow car Sedric
  • How will we power the Future? Focuses on clean and renewable energy
  • How will drones change our lives?
  • Festo’s bioengineered robot called Ant.
  • A robot bird called Robard
  • Climate change help
  • Replacing Single-use plastic packaging
  • Biological tissue structures are created using a 3D Printer
  • Home appliances – smart lock, smart plate
  • Alpha Mini an educational robot for children enables distance learning
  • A Simulator for OSS Hope based on artificial intelligence and hyper-automation

As you have taken the tour your photos will be clicked and You can take photos on the Museum Viewing Deck while returning the photos it usually ranges from 1 Photo – 150 AED to a pack of 3 Photos in just 250 AED.

This covers the entire chapter which is one of the most interesting then level down we proceed to Level 1 which is for our Future Heroes.

Level 1 – Future Heroes – Age 10 and below

A level dedicated to our Future Heroes to children where they can participate in missions, problem-solving, learning, and play and there is a shop for children and interesting platforms for learning it covers

  • The imagine lab
  • The build lab
  • Rocket tower
  • Balance balloon
  • The design lab

Museum of the Future tickets

Due to its high demand, it is always recommended to purchase the ticket in advance, You can buy the ticket from Headout where you can look for the availability and discounts and offers or else from the official website

Tickets to the Museum of the Future tour are of two types general admission ticket which is 149 AED and the Pioneer Pass Special powered by VISA for 399 AED which has certain benefits priority entry, Valet parking and you can arrive anytime.

Museum of the Future Timings

The Museum of the Future is open for visitors from 09:30 AM to 9:00 PM where the museum tickets are available daily from 09:30 AM till 07:00 PM.

No tickets are required for Infants and children below 4 years.

Museum of the Future Location

The Museum is located in the Financial Dubai near the famous Emirates Towers and the world’s tallest building Burj Khalifa and the Dubai Mall.

The Museum of the Future is at a distance of 20 minutes from the Dubai International Airport and the nearest metro station is Emirates Tower Station connected internally and walking takes only 10 minutes. It has 3 entrances: from the roadside, the second on the side of Emirates Hotel Jumeirah, and the third from Metro Emirates Tower Station on the Dubai Metro Red Line.

Museum of the Future Interesting Facts

  • The design of the Museum of the Future is unique which makes it special.
  • A whole new experience of future technologies and Innovations.
  • Experiencing Space travel to OSS HOPE using Falcon Space Capsule.
  • The exterior facade of the museum is written in Arabic Calligraphy which is of Stainless Steel.
  • The Museum is made up of panels of ETFE which is lighter and high strength over temperature. 

Museum of the Future Lobby, Cafe and Shop

The lobby of the Museum is spacious where you will find the Kiosk for tickets and ticket counters. The Lobby has three different entrances and in the Lobby there is a perfumery where a robot uses a unique algorithm to create scents to suit the individual taste.

Below a level down there is a CAFE by the name SALT and a Souvenir Shop that has all the merchandise that you can buy online from the main official page.


The Museum of the Future is must visit tour though there are many tourist attractions in Dubai Like the World’s tallest building Burj Khalifa, Dubai Frame, Desert Safari and many more but I personally recommend that if you are in Dubai you must visit the Museum and feel the future and technological advancements projects and Innovations.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. What are timings for Museum of the Future Tour?

    The Museum of the Future is open for the visitors from 09:30 AM till 09:00 PM but the last ticket is sold till 07:30 PM and is open everyday.

  2. Where to find the offers or discounts on Museum of the Future tickets?

    To get the discounts and promotional offers you can purchase the ticket from Headout and the tickets can be purchased from the main official page.

  3. How many chapters are there in Museum of the Future?

    The Museum of the Future is categories and divided into Four Chapters OSS Hope, The Heal Institute, Al Waha and Tomorrow Today.

Museum of Future Story

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