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Become a Certified Mountaineer – A Comprehensive Guide to NIMS Courses.

Become a Certified Mountaineer from Nehru Institute of Mountaineering.

You’re particularly inspired by certain things to go above and beyond for yourself and to pursue your passion want to become a certified mountaineer and want to give wings to your career. This blog will take you and help you to decide is it in you to be a certified mountaineer.

Journey of mountaineer is not easy we see in reels it looks majestic it not the destination but the journey which matters, feel like giving up but still you stand with your bag pack and decide to lead the team this is what the institute train you for.

One such institute is NIMS – Nehru Institute of Mountaineering in Uttarkashi, Uttarakhand. It offers you lot of courses for almost all age group and there are various levels where one can start from an student to become a qualified instructor.

Pine, Buransh, Oak, and Deodar trees wrap the peaks. A scenic valley hugging the Bhagirathi River invites us to a new world. Back then, it was the home of the mythic characters of Mahabharata. In fact, they lived and traveled the length and breadth of the realm. Of course, we are talking about Uttarkashi.

Moreover a famed place with its rich cultural past and quaint beauty. One can truly enjoy the dramatic views of our sacred mountains. While being the district head, Uttarkashi is home to 3.5 lakh people. Equally important is the farming coupled with tourism and mountaineering as the source of income.

Nehru Institute of Mountaineering

Uttarkashi is close to the Gangotri region in the western Garhwal of Uttarakhand. Indeed the best climbing and training place in India. Following which MoD, the Govt. of India, and the state leaders proposed the need for a mountaineering school in 1964.

Thereafter, Nehru Institute of Mountaineering (NIM) opened on November 14, 1965, to mark the deep passion of Pt. Jawahar Lal Nehru. He was India’s first Prime Minister and undeniably an intense mountain lover. In fact, NIM is India’s only mountaineering school endorsed by UIAA in 2011. Here, UIAA is the International Federation of Climbing and Mountaineering. A global mountain network since 1932. In sum, its goal is to promote growth and protect mountaineering and climbing especially.

NIM being one of the best mountaineering institutes in India, it is also Asia’s most famous mountaineering school. They aim to train and inspire young men, women, and schoolchildren to scale the mountains.

NIM offers a mixture of courses fit for various age groups and walks of life.

Adventure Course

The Adventure course focuses on school students, teachers, and guides. Here, the course includes trekking, rock climbing, bushcraft, river crossing, and map-reading. Trainees also learn how to save flora and fauna.

These are tailor-made training. As a result, trainees discover their potential, physical and mental strengths, and headway areas. Finally, they also build the mastery to live an active life amidst nature.

  • Reveille & Retreat.
  • Adventure Conditioning.
  • Obstacle race, Trekking.
  • Artificial Wall Climbing.
  • Inter Patrol Competition.
  • Stream Crossing.

Duration: 15 days


  • Adventure Course: 14-18 years
  • Mixed Adventure course: 20-50 years

Course Fee: INR 9983/-

Basic Mountaineering Course in NIMS

Unquestionably, the Basic Course is a program that orients trainees to the world of mountaineering. Teaching the basics regarding movement on rock, snow, and ice is however the primary goal of this course. The course teaches required principles such as map reading and mountain weather. Here, the trainees also learn the importance of cleanliness and self-hygiene.

The training instills the proper mindset toward alpinism as an art form. As a result, it toughens the body and helps withstand cold, hunger, and fatigue. It also raises awareness about saving the mountain environs.

  • Physical conditioning.
  • Rock Craft, Snow Craft.
  • Ice Craft.
  • Altitude Gain.
  • Introduction to Sports Climbing.

Duration: 28 days


  • Ladies Basic Mountaineering Course: 16-55 years
  • Mixed Basic Mountaineering course: 16-55 years

Course Fee: INR 22550/-

Advance Mountaineering Course in NIMS

The Advanced Course prepares trainees to be future trek leaders. This class teaches advanced climbing methods while brushing up on basic techniques. The trainees also learn the aspects of ascent and related subjects.

During this time, trainees undergo an exercise. Afterwards, they arrange an excursion to a peak exceeding 5500 meters / 18,000 feet. In due time some trainees become trekkers going into the high mountains.

  • Advance techniques of climbing.
  • Planning and Execution of an expedition.
  • Scientific and technical aspects of mountaineering.

Duration: 28 days

Eligibility: ‘A’ Grade in Basic Mountaineering Course

  • Ladies Advanced Mountaineering Course: 18-42 years
  • Mixed Advanced Mountaineering course: 18-42 years

Course Fee: INR 20550/-

Search and Rescue Course in NIMS

The course covers explicitly all areas of Search and Rescue techniques in the mountains. It includes the rescue methods on rock, snow, and ice. There is also a topic that teaches the transmission methods with other groups and their involvement in rescue efforts.

On the other hand, lecture addresses audio and visual contact signals with evacuation plans using copters. After all, the societies benefit by launching in-house Search and Rescue cells after completing this course.

  • Rescue techniques on rock, snow, and ice
  • First-aid
  • Mountain Navigation
  • Radio Telephony
  • Liaison techniques

Duration: 21 days

Eligibility: ‘A’ Grade in Advanced Mountaineering Course.

Course Fee: INR 20550/-

Method of Instruction Course in NIMS

So, goal of this course is to prepare climbers to become instructors. In addition to theory, trainees receive ample practical training. For example, the trainees create training plans under the guidance of NIM teaching experts. Meanwhile, giving the trainees plenty of chances to drive training sessions.

  • Design Training Material & Schedules.
  • Train the Trainer.

Duration: 21 days

Eligibility: ‘A’ Grade in Advanced Mountaineering Course.

Age: 19-42 years

Course Fee: INR 18634/-

In sum, the above is the list of standard courses at NIM. It has also introduced skiing (Basic and intermediate), sports climbing, and special courses.

How to reach NIM, Uttarkashi?

The popular way to reach Uttarkashi is by road via taxi or public transport. While Dehradun is the nearest airport, copter services are also available from Dehradun to Chinyalisaur. And, the nearest railway station is Dehradun and Rishikesh.

Surrounding – Around NIMS Campus

NIM is in the Ladari Reserve Forest, within a dense pine grove. Further, it is over the east bank of the river Bhagirathi. As a result, it overlooks the town of Uttarkashi and the confluence of the Indiravati and the Bhagirathi.

Other Mountaineering Institutes in India

For one thing, there are four IMF-approved climbing institutes in India

However, apart from these four, there is

These, too, provide similar courses with albeit varying lengths in their regions.

Basic Mountaineering Course 271 Batch

Waited for almost 05 years and glad to be a part of the largest batch in history of NIM post Covid Lockdown.

Latest News

As on 04th Oct 2022

  • Uttarkashi District, Uttarakhand: Mount DKD 2 Avalanche (5670M) Mountaineers Trapped Rescue is in progress. The Advance Mountaineering Course Ser No 172 commenced from 14 Sep 2022 at NIM Uttarkashi. As per training schedule on 04 Oct 2022 the course moved for High Altitude Navigation and height gain to Mount Draupadi ka Danda-II (5670m) at 0400 AM while returning back from the mountain peak the Advance Mountaineering Course were met with an avalanche occurred above camp-1 in which 34 trainees and 07 mountaineering instructors were caught under avalanche at 08:45 hrs. The Rescue work is on progress as of now 04 bodies have been recovered. SDRF, NDRF and Indian Air Force are helping in the rescuer.

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