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Dal Lake in Kashmir – Discover “Srinagar Jewel” 2024

Dal lake in Kashmir is one of the most famous lake which is located in Srinagar District which is the summer capital of Jammu and Kashmir where Dal means Lake in Kashmir, Being one of the most popular destination the Dal Lake is known worldwide for its natural beauty.

Dal Lake in Kashmir is not only a Lake it is a livelihood a town which is on the lake where there are houses on water, vegetables market, Schools, ATM, Post Office, markets where there is only way to travel is Shikara.

It is one of the major tourist attractions, As tourist visit Kashmir to enjoy the mesmerizing beauty not only in summer also in winters every one loves a ride in Shikara enjoying the serenity and the beauty of Kashmir Dal Lake.

Dal Lake in Srinagar, Kashmir also known as “Srinagar Jewel” or “the jewel in the crown of Kashmir”.

Dal Lake in Kashmir Important Information

The Dal Lake is a high altitude lake in Srinagar, Kashmir is 18 Km in length as per the government, It is one of the major tourist attractions because of its natural beauty and various activities it offers.

Dal Lake is surrounded by many famous sightseeing places and the scenic view of the Lake can be seen from various tourist spot.

The lake is also a major source of income and livelihood for locals, there are various Ghat around the lake where you can book a Shikara Ride it is basically a Boarding point for your Ride.

History of Dal Lake

In Past for many centuries Dal lake was known as “Vetaal Marg”, A Ruler during 2nd Century AD named Raja Parvarsen was the first ruler to turn this beautiful lake, it is because of the efforts it gets the shape of water reservoir after getting the whole area cleread of wild forest. After which people started rowing boats and started the livelihood for themselves.

The source of lake is believed to be the glacier named Taar-sar and Maar-sar located in the upper reaches of Zabarwan Range.

The lake is surrounded by majestic chinars (Plane Trees), two of the lake islands are marked with Chinar trees on all four sides called Char Chinar (The Four Chinars).

The shoreline of the lake about 16 Km is encompassed by Mughal Era Gardens, parks, Shalimar garden, Pari Mahal, Shankaracharya Temple, Tulip garden and Chasma e Shahi.

Dal Lake with its years old history, It continues to attract visitors from all across the world with its distinguished natural beauty, inspiring musicians, poets, writers and artists to create pen down and weave jewels which have signatures of the rich history of Kashmir.

Dal Lake Rules and Regulations

  • In order to prevent any incident and keeping the safety of tourists the administration has decided mandatory use of Life Jackets during Shikara Rides any violation will be seriously viewed which can result in cancellation Registration of Shikara.
  • As a Tourist it becomes one responsibility to respects local’s tradition and culture.
  • Drinking is a punishable offence and one should refrain from drinking.
  • It is everyone’s responsibilities to keep the lake neat and clean, We should put efforts to preserve the beauty of the lake.

Top things to do in Dal Lake

It is an experience to discover the majestic picturesque lake that attracts the travelers

A part from the serenity, Shopping and a relaxing Shikara Ride there are other activities that cab be done in Dal lake like water sports.

Let’s explore the top things that can be done in Dal Lake.

Shikara Rides

Dal lake in kashmir

The Soul of Dal Lake lies in famous Shikara Rides, The Traditional boats allows you to enjoy the breathtaking View of the beautiful Dal Lake.

The Shikara’s are beautifully decorated with multi colors and various pattern and styles.

The Shikara rides will hep you to explore the breathtaking views of pir panjal mountains and Zabarwan range and where you covers the famous sightseeing, shopping and floating gardens.

In my opinion one should must take a ride as then only you can feel it, the peaceful ride will be a whole new experience a perfect way to sit and relax.

The best part of the Shikara Rides is a one in all complete package where you go for shopping, enjoy water sports, interacts with locals, locals selling various items.

The Shikara ride will cost you around 1000 Rs per person where the rates are subject to Change as per rates from J&K Tourism.

Floating Gardens

Dal Lake is famous for its famous Floating Gardens, the locals however have created floating platforms for cultivation of aquatic plants and vegetables.

These gardens serve the purpose to raise a wide range of flowers and vegetables since they are extremely fruitful.

Walking around these colourful gardens is not only a beautiful treat but also a learning experience that explains the sustainable farming methods used in the area.


Dal lake is surrounded by several markets and gardens which offers unique shopping experiences, One of the most famous and well known market is the Vegetable Market where local vendors sell fresh fruits and vegetables and apart from this there are floating markets engage in selling jewellery, handicrafts, textiles, home decor items and dry fruits.

There are locals seeing selling dry fruits, Kesar and Shilajeet in Shikara apart from that you can enjoy the fresh fruit platter in Shikara.

For Shopping you can visit the famous Meena Bazar and Paper mill too for a leaning experience.

Water Sports

Dal lake in kashmir

You can enjoy various water sports in Dal Lake, during your Shikara they take you to various points where you can book a water sport and enjoy with your loved ones.

In summers In Dal lake the popular sports that can be enjoyed is motor boat, Jet skiing etc.

In winters the temperature goes down and freezes the entire Dal Lake and turn the lake into ground which is used for skateboarding, ice skating and you can see people playuing cricket in the frozen Dal Lake, the snow covered landscapes around makes it extremely beautiful.

Houseboat Stay

Dal lake in kashmir

It’s a whole new experience where you stay in traditional Kashmiri houseboats, These beautiful traditional and beautiful houseboats offers you an cozy accommodation’s, delicious Kashmiri Cuisines and a insight of local way of living.

House boats is not only a place of rest it is part of Dal Lake experience.

As you travel, you’ll witness a lot of houseboats arranged and tastefully coloured. Some houseboats are even well-known, having served as film locations for numerous Bollywood productions.

If you are planning your trip to Kashmir do consider experiencing the houseboat stay.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Dal Lake in Srinagar is also known as?

Dal lake is a famous lake known worldwide also known as Srinagar Jewel or the Jewel in the crown of Kashmir.

What is the Length of Dal Lake?

Dal Lake is 22Km in length, one of the most visited tourist sightseeing it offers you to explore the best around the lake which includes floating gardens and shopping.

What is the famous markets in Dal Lake?

There are many famous markets in Dal lake like Meena Bazar, Paper Mill and you can visit the famous and most visited Vegetable Market.

What is the charges for Shikara Ride?

Normally it can vary as if now it is 1000 Rs per person, minimum one person and maximum up to 4 people are allowed in one Shikara.

What is the Best time to visit Dal Lake?

You can visit Dal lake in Summers as well as in winters but the best time is in summer when you can relax and enjoy the Shikara rides along with Sightseeing as in Winters the temperature goes down and it freezes Dal Lake.

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