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Israeli Desserts: Top 5 Must Try Israeli Sweets

Israeli desserts to die for – SLURRRP!

Israel is a popular tourist destination and a dream destination for many of us because of its ranked blue-flagged beaches, historical landmarks, multi-cuisine delicious food, fitness, and top sightseeing places.

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It is located along the Mediterranean coast, One must try the famous and most well-known mouth-watering Israeli desserts, which are absolutely delicious, just like the rest of the country’s cuisine.

Here are the top 5 Israeli desserts waiting for you if you’re travelling to Israel and want to sample the tastiest treats while exploring the holy land.

Top 5 Israeli Desserts that you Can’t Miss


israeli desserts

There is nothing better than experiencing the most delicious crispy sweets, which is why I’m telling you about the well-known Israeli desserts halvah.

The history of halwa is unknown, but it is one of the most popular desserts consumed worldwide.

Halwa, also known as halva, halvah, and helva etc. is derived from the Arabic word and one of the most popular israeli sweets.

It is often made of powdered sesame paste, tahini, and other ingredients and comes in more than 100 different flavors.

The Middle East and North Africa are known around the world for their extremely popular dessert, halva.

During a recent trip to Tel Aviv, Israel, I tried Israeli sweets halvah, this dessert at the hotel buffet in the morning.

The taste was amazing Curious to learn more, I went to the famous Carmel Market, When you browse the markets in Israel you will see the large cakes; those are halva, available in different flavors one of the most well-liked desserts on the planet.

I tried most of the flavors; it’s hard to say which is the tastiest, but if you’re in Israel, I urge you to try halvah.

I’m confident you won’t find anything better than this.

I discovered more than 20 different flavors, but after researching more about halvah, I realized there are more than 100.

Some of them are named below in the picture.

Coffee BeansClassic HalvaPremium Chocolate
KofikoClassic Halva (sugar free)Whisky
Cinnamon HalvaOreo HalvaMarble Halva
HazelnutCoffee BeansPeanut Butter
Pistachio HalvaSweet Pecan HalvaPoppy seeds Halva
KingSesame PretzelsChocolate boom
NougatNatural Pecan (Sugar free)Cashew
Different Flavors of Halva


Israeli desserts

Baklava is a tasty treat Israeli desserts that is crunchy and crisp pairs well with tea and coffee.

It is comprised of several layers of filo or phyllo pastry sheets that are stacked on top of one another and filled with a variety of ingredients.

Once baked, it becomes crunchy, crisp, and delectable.

Although baklava comes in a variety of tastes, it is essentially a Turkish street food dessert.

Baklava is a vegetarian treat that is popular throughout the Middle East, particularly in Turkey, Lebanon, Jordan, and Israel every country has different versions of baklava.

It is one of the old traditional dessert as name suggest Baklava was the name of the desert during Ottoman Empire.


Israeli desserts

A typical Middle Eastern sweet pastry dish called Knafeh or Knaffe is piled with cheese, cream, almonds, and pistachios and smothered in sugar syrup.

It is a well-liked dessert during Ramadan and tastes well with coffee.

It is always served warm and listed in one of the most incredible dessert across the globe.

In the street of Israeli you will see lot of Israeli desserts people love to taste the famous special Israeli sweets.


israeli desserts

Burma is similar to other Israeli desserts, but it’s also one of the best ones I ate during my most recent trip to Tel Aviv, Israel.

People enjoy eating Burma because it is crispy with crisp ingredients and comes in several flavors.


israeli desserts

The Israeli desserts Kaddif, also known as Kadaif or Turkish Kadayif.

It is composition of special noodles, pistachios, and other nuts with a drizzle of sugar syrup.

Although there is much to discover and a variety of cuisines available in a country like Israel, I urge you to take advantage of the opportunity and try these delectable Israeli desserts, which will brighten your day.

Aside from the one already described, there are other popular Israeli desserts in the Mahane Yehuda market in Jerusalem that I haven’t had but that appear much tastier, like the traditional Israeli sweets delicacy malabi, semolina, and others like Malban (banana, Nutella, mekupelet, Oreo etc. available in these flavors.), Turkish Delight (Strawberry and Hazelnut, Chocolate, Saffron and Almonds, wild Flower) though these are Turkish or other middle east countries famous desserts I mentioned them because you will find them in Israel and in bakery shops.

Frequently Asked Questions

Where to get the Famous Israeli Desserts in Israel?

There are many places that offer you the mouth watering Israeli desserts but some of the most visited are Mahane Yehuda Market and Carmel Market (Shuk Ha’Carmel).

What is the currency of Israel?

The currency of Israel is Israeli New Shekel as 1 Israeli Shekel is equal to 21.63 INR.

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