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Mostamanu Temple, Story of Unbelievable Faith | Pithoragarh | UK 05

Mostamanu temple is one of Sacred temple located in Pithoragarh district of Uttarakhand.

The temple is famous and known worldwide because of its miraculous stone which is present in temple premises, where it is believed if you have a clean heat and strong belief then only you can lift the stone.

In this blog we will know more about famous “Mostamanu Temple” and the story behind the temple.

Mostamanu Temple

Mostamanu Temple is in Chandak village which is at a distance of 06 km approx. from the main city of Pithoragarh.

Mostamanu Temple is considered one of the most divine places in the Pithoragarh city.

The temple is surrounded by the lush green forest.

In fact, it is mesmerizing to see the beautiful landscapes, the Himalayas and the nearby villages the view from the temple premises is one of the most beautiful and the best.

The temple complex is huge and also, there is a different feeling of happiness as soon as you enter the premises.

Mostamanu Temple Story

There is an idol of Mosta Devta and other God’s in Mostamanu Temple, Mosta Devta is the god of rain in the entire Valley region.

Villagers believe that Mosta Devta was is the son of Lord Indra and people worshipped Mosta Devta in the Temple.

There is an annual fair organised by locals every year during the month of August-September to celebrates the divine presence of Lord Mosta, Where large number of people attend the fair including devotees, travelers, tourists, and others.

The villagers celebrate this fair with a great pomp and, it is in this fair that the idol of Mosta Devta is taken on rounds along with Dhol and Nagada.

The Magic Stone

After darshan of Mosta Devta, Lord Shiva and Maa Kali, you can see the miraculous stone in the temple premises.

It is believed that the wish of the person who lifts this stone is fulfilled.

It is a belief that only those who have a clean heart can lift this stone and have faith in Lord Shiva. Many times an attempt was made to lift this stone, but even the biggest wrestler could not succeed.

Many famous personalities have also visited the temple in past, you can see our attempt to lift the stone is in the video link provided below or you can watch the same in our Youtube Channel.

Mostamanu temple

So, when visiting the fair, one can see a different enthusiasm among the people that how in every respect.

And, there is a crowd to lift the stones. Furthermore, those who lift the stone, the infinite grace of the Mosta Devta remains on them.

May you always keep smiling like this and may the blessings of Mosta Devta always remain in your family.

Places to see in Pithoragarh

If you are in Pithoragarh or planning for a visit then you can also visit the famous “Maa Kamakhya Temple” in Pithoragarh. It is about 06 Km from main city surrounded by beautiful Hills.

The Maa Kamakhya temple is in such a place that entire Pithoragarh and the valleys bring a sense of peace to all visitors.

Watch Complete Video

You can watch the complete experience of Mostamanu Temple here. Click the video link below and don’t forget to watch the entire playlist of Pithoragarh on our Youtube Channel @Joshi Milestoner.


Finally, visit Uttarakhand Tourism Official website –

Frequently Asked Questions

Where is Mostamanu Temple?

Mostamanu temple is in the Chandak village of Pithoragarh District in Uttarakhand, Where Mosta Devta son of Indra is worshipped.

Where is stone temple in Pithoragarh?

The Magical Stone is in Mostamanu Temple which is at a distance of 06 Km from Pithoragarh city.

Where is Pithoragarh?

Pithoragarh is a District in Kumaon region of Uttarakhand, which is famous for its sightseeing places and considered to be one of the beautiful tourist destination in Uttarakhand.

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