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How to apply for B1/B2 USA Tourist Visa from India?

If you are planning to travel to USA and applying for the B1/B2 USA Tourist Visa this blog will help you through the process.

It is not that difficult to file your application for visa, here I am guiding you through the process to get your B1/B2 USA tourist Visa without any problems just follow the simple steps and you are done.

( This entire process is explained for the Indian citizen applying from India all the links provided is for USA embassy India.)

What is Visa?

Visa is a permission given by the respective embassy/consulate to visit the their country for a time period, it defines the purpose of your visit and allow the foreign nationals to stay abroad for a time period there is vide categories of visa available.

Categories of Visa ?

When ever you are travelling you must have noticed various others categories of Visa one must be clear when applying for the same and the purpose of travel, Visa can be classified into various categories like tourist, medical, study, employment, transit/Crew Visa and many other.

Click here to know about the various Visa Categories

There are vide varieties available from student to tourist and then to work visa and many others in this blog we will guide you about the most common tourist visa and will help you with the entire process and steps that will help you applying for the tourist and which will save your time.

Documents required for filing the B1/B2 USA Tourist Visa?

  • Passport
  • Bank receipt
  • sponsor details if any
  • your travel plans that include air travel, hotel booking (Optional).

How to apply B1/B2 tourist Visa from India?

In order to apply for USA tourist visa you must visit official website that is select the country from where you are applying. You will be redirected to the website.

  • Choose a Visa Category Immigrant/Non Immigrant for tourist select Non Immigrant.
  • Here you will find the complete process how to apply follow the same on their official website for more information on tourist visa follow the link.
  • Click on login and register yourself as New User/ create your profile keep your passport handy you have to enter all the information.
  • Meanwhile you can generate DS 160 Number that will be required and the same will be linked with your profile fro which you can visit all the forms need to filled with all the required information here you can review it before final submission.
  • Update the information in the profile section and select the Visa category and proceed and generate the fee you can pay via NEFT/IMPS or visit the nearest Axis Bank along with the receipt after payment a reference number will be provided then wait for some time the fee will updated or enter the reference number manually then you can proceed and take both the appointment as per your convenience OFC and Consular Interview. 
  • Once you have taken the appointment you can download the appointment confirmation page and the open the DS 160 and review it before submission after submitting first it will ask you to keep the form copy for your reference which include all the information that you have filled afterwards it will ask you to download and print the confirmation page which is required for the interview.
B1/B2 USA Tourist Visa

Documents required before OFC appointment?

  • Passport
  • DS 160 Confirmation
  • Fee Receipt
  • Appointment Confirmation.

Documents to carry for Consular appointment?

  • Passport
  • DS 160 Confirmation
  • Appointment Confirmation
  • Fee Receipt
  • NOC if any
  • Sponsor papers
  • Your personal documents include certificate , travel itinerary if any, air ticket bank statement and others.

Frequently asked Questions?

How long does it takes to get a Visa once approved?

Once approved it hardly takes 3-4 working days after that you can track and collect it from the application Centre or if you would have selected courier option you would have received courier tracking number.

Is there any way we can track our visa application or know the status of application?

Yes here I have provided you the link where you can enter the the passport number and click on track you will get the status update instantly and once it is ready for pickup you will receive an email and sms for the same.
To track click here

Timings to collect the passport once it is ready for pick up?

You can check the status once it is dispatched you can collect it anytime between 10:00 am till 04:00 Pm from Monday to Friday and in Sunday the timings will be 01:00 Pm till 05:00 Pm. Click here to know about the timings.

When you are re-applying for B1/B2 do we need to fill fresh application?

Yes, you have to login to your existing profile generate the fee receipt make the payment and book your appointment, for DS 160 retrieve the old one once you login it will ask you to start new application and download the confirmation start with the new all your existing information will automatically come on new form t .

Do we need to carry DS 160 Application forms for the Interview?

No, DS 160 application is for your reference it is not required the only thing you need to carry is appointment confirmation, DS 160 Confirmation and Passport with you.

Is there any way to get the refund of your Fees paid?

No, once you paid for the fees it cannot be refunded back only you can cancel and re-schedule your appointment.

Visa application Centre and US Embassy address in India?

Click on the link to get the address of various visa application centre in India .

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