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About Frigate PEDER SKRAM (F352): Copenhagen Warships

The Warship PEDER SKRAM (F352)  was part of the Royal Danish Navy for almost 22 years from 1966-1988 and it was World’s first largest warship to use a combination of gas turbines and diesel engines for propulsion. It could reach a speed of approximately 30knots (55km/h or 34mp/h) using gas turbines.

The Warship was named after Danish Admiral PEDER SKRAM. There are only two vessels in this class that were ever constructed.

During war times the frigate was a heavily armed flagship in the defense of the Baltic coast of Germany and the Danish islands against a naval invasion from the Warsaw Pact.

It is also the command platform of the tactical commander of NATO’s maritime defense of the Baltic. The prime task of the ship was to prevent an invasion of Sealand, where its priority was to protect-minelaying in the Danish straits and off the threatened invasion beaches.

During the period 1970-1983, PEDER SKRAM routinely joined the Standing Naval Force, Atlantic, STANAVFORLANT. This force was under NATO command and consisted of 7-8 destroyers and frigates from the member countries bordering the Atlantic. The ships joined for three months at a time.

Details of HDMS PEDER SKRAM (1966-1988)

  • Built at Hensinger Shipyard 1964-1966
  • Displacement (weight fully operational) 2,755 tons
  • Length overall 112 meter
  • Breadth  12 meter
  • Draught 5.2 meter
  • Complement 202 (till 1979)
Peder Skram


  • Two twin 127 mm guns M/60 for surface and air targets – one dismounted in 1977
  • Four 40 mm machine guns M/48 for surface and air targets
  • Four wire-guided torpedoes TP61 for surface targets
  • Eight depth charges type G for submarines
  • 51 mm rocket launcher M/62 with 6 illumination rockets

As of 1979, Furthermore, Armament Added

  • Eight HARPOON type RGM-84A/Block 1A anti-ship missiles
  • 17 Sea Sparrow type RIM 7H missiles for aircraft and missile defense
  • Four 20 mm machine guns M/42 for aircraft and missile defense
Peder Skram


  • 2 Pratt & Whitney Gas Turbines of a Total 44000 HP
  • 2 General Motors Diesel Engines of total 4800 HP
  • 2 KaMeWa 3-blade variable pitch propellers
  • 5 Frichs Diesel Generators for Electricity – total 1750 KW
  • Maximum range 7200 Nautical Miles (14000 Km) at 15 Knots
  • Maximum Speed 30 knots (55km/h) using gas turbines

1982 PEDER SKRAM HARPOON Missile Incident

In 1982 HARPOON Missile by accident was launched from PEDER SKRAM. The missile flew 34 Km before detonating in a weekend cottage area at LUMSAS near SJAELLANDS ODDE. The Explosion destroyed 4 cottages and damaged another 130, No persons were injured.

Frigate PEDER SKRAM Copenhagen Museum

Peder Skram

The ship PEDER SKRAM was decommissioned in 1990 and now the frigate is placed in The Naval Station Holmen, in a historical military area called “Nyholm”.

Now the frigate is turned into a museum it is open to the general public where you can experience what life was like onboard. 

It is open for public only in summers visit for timings and online tickets.

What you can cover in the PEDER SKRAM warship Museum?

Onboard the frigate you can experience the life of Danish Navy personnel during the Cold War, you can witness how the 200 crew members of a navy flagship lived and worked every day. You can visit different stations the combat information center, the engine room, the galley, the bridge, and even the gun turret.

Where is the Copenhagen Historic Warship Museum located?

The Frigate is placed at the mast crane at Naval Station Holmen, in a historically military area Nyholm. Which was the main base, shipyard, and anchorage of the Roy Danish Navy from 1690 to 1993.

The Naval station is open to the public from 08 till sunset.

The complete Copenhagen warships tour include visiting PEDER SKRAM, Submarine SAELEN, Fast attack aircraft SEHESTED P547, and Mast Crane Tour.

BUS 9A direction opera: Get off at “Fabriksmestervej” The gates to the Naval Station are found 150 meters further along the road, For Public transport please consult

By Harbour Bus line 991/992: Get off at “Holmen Nord” from where there is 100 meters to the Naval Station.

By canal tours “Hop On/Hop-Off”: During summer jump off at PEDER SKRAM (“Elefanten”)



The Frigate HDMS Peder Skram
Elefanten 2, DK-1439 Copenhagen K
Phone +45 3257 1316 (weekdays 10-14)
[email protected]

Opening Periods and Tickets

For opening hours and admission and online Booking visit 

Visitors may free of charge borrow an audio guide telling about the many things to be seen onboard.

The foundation PEDER SKRAM

The Frigate Peder Skram is owned and operated by the Foundation Peder Skram Founded in 1995 as a private Foundation.

For more details see

Friends of the Frigate Peder Skram

The association supporting the Frigate was founded in 1996 to support the operation of the frigate PEDER SKRAM. Members of the association of friends act as attendants or watchmen during the opening period as well as manning the radio station. 

Safety on Board – Frigate Peder Skram Instructions

  • The Museum is not suited for visitors with physical disabilities.
  • A visit is at your own risk
  • Always backward down the ladder
  • Smoking and use of open fire is not allowed on board
  • Keep in mind where the Emergency Exits are
  • No toilets onboard but there are plenty of nearby white buildings on the pier

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Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Can we buy tickets online in advance for Warship tour?

    Yes the tickets are available online can be purchased online from

  2. Is there a Wi-fi onboard PEDER SKRAM?

    Yes there is Wi-Fi facility available onboard the warship PEDER SKRAM where the username is PederSkramGUEST.

  3. Where is Copenhagen warship Museum located?

    The Historic Warship Museum is in Naval Station Holmen which is a military are called “Nyholm”. you can visit

  4. What all can be covered during your visit at Cold War Museum?

    The historic Warship Museum covers the Frigate PEDER SKRAM, Fast Attach Aircraft P547 SEHESTED, Submarine SAELEN and the Mast Crane Tour.

  5. Is photography and videography is allowed inside the Warship?

    Yes the photography and videography is allowed in Warship PEDER SKRAM F352.

  6. Is the Warship PEDER SKRAM tour is open for visitors in 2024?

    Yes it is open now starting from 01st April 2024.

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About Frigate PEDER SKRAM (F352): Copenhagen Warships