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Copenhagen Warships & Submarine Tour 2024

Copenhagen Warships Tour will help you to better understand the Danish Warship’s role in the Cold War which is now the oldest floating Cold War museum, These warships at Holmen is located in Nyholm an old Copenhagen Harbour.

The floating cold war museum in Nyholm is a beautiful place that attracts many tourist visiting Copenhagen as the tour covers all three major Warships that includes Frigate PEDER SKRAM F352, Fast attack craft SEHESTED P547 and Submarine SAELEN S323 and a Mast Crane tour.

These Warships played an important role in Denmark’s History during Cold War which divided the world in two now a museum but earlier in past it forms a major Defense of Denmark and has undertaken multiple mission and played a major role in protecting the borders of Denmark.

In this blog we will cover all about the Copenhagen Warships and if you are planning to visit Copenhagen do not forgot to check out Top 10 Copenhagen Attractions Blog.

Historic Copenhagen Warships Tour

This is one of the must go place where you will explore the Naval Warships and Submarine and explore the Warships and know them inside and out from the crew who volunteers as some of them has already served as crew onboard located in Nyholm at Naval Station Holmen an oldest Copenhagen Harbour just opposite Toldboden.

The Historic Floating Cold Warships Museum covers the Frigate PEDER SKRAM F352, Fast Attack Craft SEHESTED P547 and Submarine SAELEN S323 which were part of the Royal Danish Navy and safeguarded Denmark.

Copenhagen Warships of cold War Let’s Explore

1) Frigate PEDER SKRAM F352

Copenhagen warships

Frigate F352 PEDER SKRAM was pert of the Royal Danish Navy from 1966-1988 and The First large warships in the world to use a combination of gas turbines and diesels engines for propulsion.

It was a heavily armed flagship the tour inside the warship will hep you to understand the life of Danish Navy personnel and witness how 200 crew members of a navy lived and worked everyday.

Inside the warship you can explore all sections including information centre, deck, engine room, galley, Armory, kitchen and many more.

2) Fast Attack Craft SEHESTED P547

The WILLEMOES- class Fast Attack Craft P547 SEHESTED, along with its 9 sister ships served as a prominent part of the Naval Defense of Denmark and NATO during the Cold War.

This ship is major surface combatant with its small size and size.

Copenhagen warships

The Craft was armed with wire controlled torpedoes, a long range Harpoon Missiles, a 76mm gun.

This is a mall ship with heavy weaponry installed and seaworthy could reach a speed of 40 knots (74km/h).

The crew of 25 men and women can be a part of this attack craft and crew chosen for this warship was among one of the best with high standard of professional excellence and teamwork.

It is a guided tour now you will see volunteers are onboard those who served the country and were part of the Warship they can help you to know this ship better.

3) Submarine SAELEN S323

The Submarine SAELEN S323 was commissioned in Royal Danish Navy in the year 1990 this was the last submarine in Danish Service.

SAELEN was also the only submarine to ever participate in hostilities and the submarine was decommissioned in 2004 and now part of the Floating Cold Warships Museum in Holmen, Nyholm the oldest Copenhagen Harbour.

Copenhagen warships

The Submarine is armed with eight torpetubes visiting the submarine will make you experience the life of 24 crew submariners during cold war.

It has a long history also participated in NATO counterterrorism operations in Mediterranean and conducted some major operations during the war in Iraq.


The floating cold warships museum which is located in Holmen, Nyholm is a beautiful place where you can undertake tour which covers the three Warships where you can experience the onboard life of our sailors and visit all different stations in warships like engine room,information centre, Armory and others.

There are volunteers who will help you to understand as some of them served as crew onboard in these ships.

There are Barcode and onboard Wi-Fi is available so that you can check for the information online available in Danish and English.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Where is the Cold Warships Museum Located in Copenhagen?

    The floating Cold War Museum is located in Naval Station Holmen Copenhagen Harbour in military area “Nyholm” opposite to Toldboden.

  2. What is the price to undertake Warship tour in Copenhagen ?

    The prices for the onboard warship tour is 160 DKK where you will cover the warships and Submarine.

  3. Is there is Wi-Fi available onboard in Warships?

    Yes for the convenience of all tourist there is Wi-Fi available and barcodes with complete information.

  4. Is the Warship tour is a guided tour?

    Yes as there are volunteers on every warship those who were part as a crew and served in these Warships they will help you to know these ships in and out.

  5. Can we buy online ticket for Warships Tour in Copenhagen?

    Yes you can buy tickets online for this you can visit or else there is office located next to F352 PEDER SKRAM where you can get tickets.

  6. Is the warship guided tour is closed now?

    Yes the warship tour is closed in winters it will be open in the month h of April and remained opened till August.

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