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Ali Bedni Bugyal Trek: Experience the Most Scenic and Breathtaking Adventure

Ali Bedni Bugyal Trek is one of the most beautiful trek of Devbhoomi.

Uttarakhand which is also known as Devbhoomi is a place surrounded by the great Indian Himalayas close to nature that one can say that this is heaven on earth.

You must have been to many places, but Uttarakhand is different. There is so much to explore and experience. Be it culture, tradition, or food.

Being from the Kumaon region, I have traveled all around the world. But one thing that I want to explore is Uttarakhand.

It is the year 2021, and this time we planned for a Trek in Uttarakhand. Our entire team was looking for a break after the Covid-19 pandemic. It was the month of January I planned for Brahmatal and Ali Bedni.

We were not aware of how the trek might be, but we wanted to spend some days out in peace. After having completed some challenging treks earlier like Shrikhand Mahadev, Chadar trek, etc., we started from Delhi to the point named, Lohajung.

Lohajung is 600 Km away from Delhi. You will find this team of five in almost all my treks.

Important Information About Ali Bedni Bugyal

  • Altitude – 11686 feet (3562 m)
  • Starting Point – Lohajung (distance is 600 Km from Delhi)
  • Route Map – Lohajung – Didina- Ali Bugyal – Bedni Summit – Bedni Bugyal – Wan- Lohajung
  • Permission or Permit for trek – Yes prior permission from Forest Department.
  • Distance – 60 Km roundtrip.
  • Difficulty Level – Moderate
  • Best Time – January till February and in Summer July to August.
  • Accommodation – Available.
  • Solo – No, you have to plan with group or get some local trek personal.
  • Trek Duration – 03 Days

Remarks : Good amount of fitness is must one should be physically fit.

Note: The experience can be best described and understood well by seeing videos of the trek on Youtube. click here to watch our video on Ali Bedni.

Ali Bedni Bugyal Trek Introduction

Ali Bedni Bugyal Trek or Bedni Summit is one of the most beautiful treks of all-time. Walking through the rivers, forests, and meadows is mesmerizing. One fails to describe with words.

It is considered a moderate trek because of the terrain, as this trek shares a similar path with the Roopkund trek. Roopkund was banned for the last two years and closed. This place is a little ahead of Ali Bedni Bugyal. And, that being the last point of Ronti saddle expedition. In brief, considered the toughest. So our trek was till Ali Bedni summit, then back to our base.

Ali Bedni Bugyal is the most beautiful Bugyal. During winters, a blanket of snow covers the area, and in summers, you will find grasslands thriving with flowers surrounded by pine and deodar trees.

Story Behind Ali Bedni Bugyal

Ali, the name of Allah, and Bedni are siblings. They lived in this village. They used to come with cows for grass in the Bugyal. This trek is named after them as this is the story that we heard from the locals.

Video on Ali Bedni Bugyal – Complete Journey

You can watch the entire summit experience on our Youtube channel @JoshiMilestoner or click on Ali Bedni Video Link here.

My Experience on Ali Bedni Bugyal

It was a wonderful experience so far. Initially, we planned only for Brahmatal. But, in just five days, we had completed two treks. After completing the first two days to Brahmatal, we rested for a night. The next day, we started for Ali Bedni. It was an on-the-go plan. In all, we completed the trek and feel proud doing it.

Itinerary Ali Bedni Bugyal trek

Day 1 – Lohajung to Didina Village

At first, we took the permission of the forest dept. In addition, we gathered some information about the trek and asked for a local guide to join us. Then, we left in the afternoon and arranged for transport to reach Didini Village. For this, you have to travel by vehicle for around 10 km.

There is the temple on the way. After taking blessings, we started covering about a mile. We crossed the river, then climbed up in the evening and reached the village. Our accommodation was ready. We reached on time and had dinner. Later, we were tired enough, so we crashed on our beds.

Day 2 – Didina to Ali Bedni Bugyal

After having breakfast, we packed our dinner and breakfast for the next day from the village. Walking a few minutes, we reach the forest area away from the hamlet. It was so peaceful that one could hear the birds chirping.

There is a point where you can refill your bottles with water from a natural spring. We carried as much water as there may be water scarcity during our walk. Unfortunately, many of us fell ill after drinking the water without boiling it.

After walking for continuously 3-4 hours, we saw the light and a Bugyal. We climbed and reached the top of one of the bugyal. Ecstatic and jumpy, we admired the majestic peaks in front of us. We thought we had arrived. But, it was not the place. We had to walk further. However, we rested there and clicked some photos. Mount Trishul was visible.

Then, after walking for another two km, we located the forest huts. We were so glad that we kept our bags inside one of the huts and arranged for woods and water for the night. We had a packed dinner from the village. The sky was clear, and the weather was cold.

(Stay on Day 02 below Bedni summit you have to stay in forest huts if nobody has taken it before as its get windy in night and for food either you carry Maggie or some ready to eat food or else you can get your food packed for the day from the village the way we did.)

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Day 3 – Bedni Summit and Lohajung

In the morning, we heated up the packed food puri and sabzi. We also ate Maggie and started to climb Ali Bedni summit. Continuously walking for the last four days, the fatigue was onto us. But, we overcame that and were excited to reach the summit. Upon reaching the top of the Ali Bedni summit, we took pictures.

It was amazing feeling which cannot be expressed you can know how blessed we were feeling once by seeing the video, though this is how we completed one more journey best moments for life captured.

The climb was so steep that we walked slowly and took a rest every 10 mins. At the summit, the view of Mount Trishul was remarkably close. It was windy, so we left after spending some time and went down for Bedni Bugyal. It was snowing all around us, and the view was fantastic and filmy. Alas, we realized the beautiful combination of tough walking and beautiful nature.

We made our descent to the point Wan Village, where we could get the transport to Lohajung. Everyone was hungry and had walked down all the way. We thanked the villagers and played one last time with the kids.

Frequently asked Questions?

Is Ali Bedni Bugyal trek is difficult ?

Ali Bedni Bugyal Trek comes under moderate category , It can be done in Winters or in summers passes through beautiful Bugyal it is said during summer the view of Bugyal is mesmerizing.

How much it will cost for Ali Bedni Bugyal Trek ?

This trek is not that costly if you are planning to do on your own with proper guidance and by hiring any one of the local guide you can go for it, during your stay first day you stay in a village where you can get the accommodation and food and for next day after breakfast you can start and pack your lunch and dinner for the entire day.

Ali Bedni Bugyal trek is open ?

Yes the trek is open for all tourists can be done in all season it is the halfway of the famous Roopkund Trek and Ronti saddle expedition which can be done only in the presence of experienced leader with proper knowledge of mountaineering.

Do we need the permission for the trek?

yes you have to take prior permission from the forest department as you will be staying in forest hut if available near Ali Bugyal.

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