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Brahmatal Trek: Discover Enchanting Views of Mount Trishul

Brahmatal trek is one of the most mesmerizing trek in Chamoli district of Uttarakhand.

It starts from Lohajung which is in Kumaon region and one can easily complete the trek in maximum 02-03 days.

We completed in two days but I suggest you to take your time and enjoy, The trek passes through forest, meadows and Bugyal and the scenic beauty is amazing that cannot be described in words. 

The best part of the trek is the view of Mt. Trishul and the frozen Brahmatal lake which is the end point of the trek, by looking at Mt. Trishul it seems like you are standing next to it.

If you are staying overnight at Jhandi top in the evening you will see Mt. Trishul changes color from pink, white and later turned to black it is because of the last rays of the sun falling on Mt. Trishul during sunset. 

I am lucky to witness both sunrise and sunset, At Jhandi top there is a point where you will see lot of flags that the reason the name is Jhandi top it is one of the photographic point one cannot resist by clicking a photograph capturing the best of Mount Trishul.

Brahmatal Trek – Mt. Trishul

In the morning the first rays falls on top of Mt Trishul and then to the point you are standing, You are in such a height that where you can easily make the difference the time the sun rays takes to reach the Lohajung, that is the time when you feel you are above clouds. 

The Jhandi point is the best place to click photos most of the people prefer staying at Tilandi which is at an height of 11,120ft i.e. 3,390 meters rather Jhandi top, because you can easily pitch your tents in Tilandi in Jhandi top the surface is uneven and most of the area is covered with snow.

I would suggest you should plan to stay at Jhandi top if you want to see what I have seen the best of nature.

Why I planned Brahmatal Trek?

After a lot of research, I stopped for Brahmatal why because at first in less time you can complete the trek second it is one of the most beautiful trek with mesmerizing view of the Himalayan ranges of Kumaon region and last there are other treks or expedition that can be done or you can plan too which the well known like Roopkund trek, Ali Bedni Bugyal or Kuari pass, Ronti saddle expedition and many other which are nearby and majority have same base camp Lohajung.

Sitting at home from last two years because of the pandemic covid 19 it is the time when we all  planned to go out for this trek we planned Brahmatal and Ali Bedni as we completed both the trek in just 05 days.

Brahmatal Trek Important Information

Brahmatal the name itself says that it is special, Brahm means God Brahma “The Creator of Universe” and Tal means lake in hills (Tal is always surrounded by hills). Brahmatal is a trek which is around 40 km roundtrip surrounded by beautiful Himalayas, Mt. Trishul, valleys, meadows, scenic beauty.

  • Altitude – 12,250ft
  • Starting Point – Lohajung ( distance is 600 Km from Delhi)
  • Route Map –Lohajung – Gujrani – Talindi – Jhandi Top – Brahmatal – lohajung
  • Permission or Permit for trek – You can take the  permission from Forest Department.
  • Distance – 25 Km roundtrip.
  • Difficulty Level – Easy
  • Best Time – January till February
  • Accommodation – No you can carry your own.
  • Can we go without guide – Yes you can go without guide.
  • Trek Duration – 03-04 Days (Can be done in 02 days also like we did)

Remarks : Good amount of fitness is must one should be physically fit.

Note: You can feel the experience in detail by watching the video of the trek on Youtube Click here to watch complete video on Brahmatal trek .

How to Reach the Brahmatal Trek Basecamp?

Lohajung which is the basecamp of many trek is the one for Brahmatal too. If you are planning for this trek, then two days is necessary to reach Lohajung. Also, if you are coming from Delhi, Lohajung is exactly 510 km which usually takes 13-15 hours of time but we will suggest you to halt for one day. If not, you will feel tired.

The best is from Haldwani – Bagheswar route passes via Ranikhet, Dwarahat, Garud, Kaushani (the famous hill station with plenty of view point a prefect way to relax) and from there to Lohajung this is the route from the Kumaon region but we have one another route that comes from Garhwal too.

Itinerary Brahmatal Trek – My Experience

Day 01 – Lohajung Base Camp to Jhandi Top

On Day 01, We started in the morning after tea and breakfast. The slope is normal, It passes through fields on a narrow pathway. Locals have made the path. After walking for a while you will find yourself surrounded by beautiful flora and fauna, especially Buransh.

The terrain gets little challenging. But slowly you can cover the distance. Meanwhile, you will find the locals and other groups walking next to you. After covering a distance a rest point will come where you can break for tea and Maggie. The entire Lohajung view is visible from this point.

Then you can start again and enter the green forest there are other rest point too and you will see people resting. You can take a break and drink the Himalayan water coming from the mountains. It will refresh you completely. The water is full of minerals.

After walking some miles you will see snow all around. It takes around 3-4 hours to reach Gujrani a stay point. Furthermore, you can halt for a day it has beautiful view point even many people prefer staying in Gujrani, the groups usually spend first day halting there or if time permits you can decide continue your journey and stay at Tilandi, which will be the next halt.

After a tea break in Gujrani, if time permits you also can start your trek like the way we did towards Tilandi. Do not forgot to see the beautiful lake and a temple which we missed and got to know later while coming. A steep slope starts bit challenging but I am sure you will be enjoying it at a distance approx. 5-6 km from Gujrani the name of the place is Tilandi which is at an altitude of 12500 Ft base camp for many groups.

Tilandi is a point where you can stay overnight a nice place to stay there you will find other groups staying, We had our lunch our team was motivated joined by some other people post lunch after clicking some amazing photos and some rest we started again towards Jhandi top where we will staying for the night, the terrain is beautiful it challenges you but the view is mesmerizing from their you can spot Brahmatal lake which will be the end point, walking about 3 km we reached Jhandi top there we find other people amazed to see the Mt. Trishul, the top is full of flags that the reason it is known as Jhandi Top the entire Himalayan ranges can be seen we setup our tents though because of the slope we couldn’t find any place as there was snow but still we managed, In the evening we had our dinner and some gala time with people around born fire then we slept first day we did well and covered the distance well on time.

Day 02 – Brahmatal Lake to Lohajung

It was a beautiful morning we got up before sunrise enjoyed the beautiful twilight had our morning tea a nice conversation and witness the most beautiful sunrise. So, far I must say the sunrise and the view of Mt. Trishul is amazing the experience I don’t think can be described in words one can only feel it.

Any ways we have to start early to reach Lohajung in the evening so after freshing up we left all our luggage and took water and some snacks and headed towards final point which is the most beautiful Brahmatal lake. After walking for a while we couldn’t stopped ourselves capturing the best as every place is a perfect spot to capture while the terrain is bit challenging you have to be careful while descending then after enjoying walking on snow we finally reached the frozen Brahmatal Lake.

Yes, It is the most beautiful surrounded by beautiful mountains walking, running and capturing was fun we spend some time after snacks it time to say goodbye, We can see tents are pitched for other people some groups stay there, while coming back to Jhandi top we took the regular route taking the blessing from Mandir we started it was challenging we have to ascend then we reached and packed our bags it was afternoon and started towards Lohajung. We completed the trek in 02 days as we met some school children from Lohajung they completed in one day and going back with us.

We hardly stopped and continued and around 8 in the evening we reached Lohajung, it was a beautiful moment for all of us. I must suggest if you are planning for this plan in the month of January as it becomes more beautiful full of snow.

Videos on Brahmatal Trek – Complete Information

Brahmatal Trek Part 01

We have recently completed the Brahmatal trek in January 2020 if you are planning for this trek must Watch the video.

Brahmatal Trek Journey Part 02

Second and Final day of our journey reached the frozen Brahmatal lake and witnessed the beauty of Himalayas.

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