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Discover 11+ Dubai Top Tourist Attractions

Dubai top tourist attractions which attracts tourist from all over the world as per the study from global media insight 14.36 million visitors visit Dubai every year.

In recent year it has seen that India has emerged as one of the major source and contributed highest number of tourist as compared to worldwide.

Dubai is the capital city of Emirates of Dubai and one of the most populous city of United Arab Emirates, there are altogether seven emirates in UAE.

Some of the Dubai top tourist attractions holds Guinness world records and has unique qualities and record breaking stories that makes Dubai a special and most visiting place and dream destination for many travelers.

Dubai is a place for everyone, all income group people can enjoy and make best of it while in Dubai because of its affordable packages while visiting Dubai in many top attractions they have affordable plans for every individual you can choose as per your budget.

In this blog we will cover the Dubai top tourist attractions which can be covered in a short span of time if you are planning to visit Dubai and want to explore the best this blog will be useful for you.

Dubai Top Tourist Attractions

Burj Khalifa Top – Khalifa Tower

It is one of the best experience to be at the top of the world tallest building standing tall at an height of 828 meters (2,716 ft. 6 in) developed by EMAAR Properties and officially opened on 4th January 2010.

The Burj Khalifa is also known as Khalifa Tower it is the tallest man made structure on land.

Burj Khalifa holds numerous of other records apart tallest building like highest elevator installed and highest observation deck it is also one of the Dubai top tourist attractions.

Observation Deck – Tour

Dubai top tourist attractions

At different levels there are observation deck where visitors can enjoy the panoramic view, the view from top of Burj Khalifa is breathtaking, there are as if now two observation deck which are opened for visitors “At the Top” and “At the Top Sky.”


Tickets can be brought online on official page there you can also check for promotional offers it or you get at the counters also, it is recommended to book online well in advance as during peak hour last moment prices are high and it is difficult to get tickets.

Burj Khalifa Fountain Show

Don’t miss the every favoiurite Dubai fountain show it is a beautiful water and light show outside the Dubai Mall Infront of The Burj Khalifa, the light show takes it on next level.

The Fountain show is free of Charge and holds number of World records attended by many people here in the evening the vibe is on next level.

Dubai Fountain Show Timings

It takes place everyday after sunset it happened at an interval of 30 minutes till late night.

The View at the Palm

One of the most beautiful observatory an observation deck on 52nd Floor situated in Palm Tower which 240meters high on Palm Jumeirah, One of the most beautiful and iconic island.

The deck from where you can capture the world famous and most visited Palm Jumeirah 360 degree Panoramic View from the outdoor terrace.

Book Your Ticket – The View

The packages can be booked online from The View main official page or at the counter where there are current offers on card which you will not get only, apart from this you can book online from third party app like Hangout and others.

Packages Available @ The View – Check Now

The View has different packages available for visitors starting from 100 AED to 325 AED an option to choose the best, some packages include High Tea and Coffee which you can enjoy while enjoying the view at the top.

You can check and Book online at the View page and check for promotions and offers.

Dubai top tourist attractions

How to Reach – The View?

Dubai offers safe and best travel arrangements linked with metro, Tram and Monorail which offers best connectivity, follow the guide map below.

Change at Shobha Reality and take Tram to Palm Jumeirah

Change at Palm Jumeirah and walk to Palm Gateway to take monorail

Museum of the Future

You would have seen many museum but their is a lot to explore and experience in The Museum of Future experiencing a journey from earth to space that takes you in a whole new world where technology is everything.

The museum is focusing on innovation and technology and it inspires visitors to think about future and the implication of future technologies on society, economy, environment and at global scale.

The Museum if opened for visitors in 2021, the main attraction of the museum is the advancements in science and technology it also tells us about emerging technologies like AI Artificial Intelligence and Robotics after it is opened for visitors it has become the Dubai top tourist attractions.

Tickets – The Museum of Future

Ticket can be purchased online from official page it is recommended to book tickets online well in advance as it has a waiting period about a week.

How to Reach at the Museum of Future?

It has connectivity with the Dubai Main Red Line if you planning by metro the nearest metro station is Emirates Tower.

Dubai Frame

A massive landmark which shows the greatest view of Old and New Dubai located in Zabeel Park is one of the famous sightseeing place and has become a Dubai Top tourist attractions where you can enjoy the stunning views of Dubai at an height of 150 meters.

Dubai Frame holds the record for the largest frame worldwide, it is an observatory where you can experience the best of Dubai with a cup of coffee and a glass bridge to experience thrilling walkway where you can see ground from above.

Dubai top tourist attractions

Tickets – Dubai Frame

Dubai frame tickets can be booked online from official page or from the counter at Dubai Frame the ticket prices the tickets starts at 50 AED.

Dubai Aquarium & Underwater Zoo

It is one of the wonderful aquatic attractions inside the Dubai Mall, the Dubai Aquarium offers the visitors to experience the Marine life the tour is informative and for all age groups.

The gigantic aquarium is massive and home of many marine animals.

The Dubai Aquarium and underwater zoo is on different levels on ground levels you can enter the walk through tunnel it is a whole new experience to be underwater surrounded by marine animals and on another level there is underwater zoo to experience ecological zones such as rainforest, living ocean and there you will see different species it showcases animals like crocodile, penguin and variety of other species.

Tickets for Dubai Aquarium

Tickets can be purchased at the counter but at last minute during peak time you won’t get any promotional offers and end up buying ticket at higher prices so it is recommended to buy it online at Dubai Aquarium and there are third party ticket website also please check.

Dubai Dolphinarium – Dolphin Show

One of the most popular attraction visited by large number of tourist where you will watch the entertaining seals and Dolphin show.

The Dubai Dolphinarium is located in Creek park it is one of the most loved tourist attractions mostly visited by families with their loved ones.

The Dolphin and seal show is a complete entertaining and informative show for all age group of people there is also an exotic Birds show, there show are best family entertainment.

Dubai top tourist attractions

Tickets For Dolphin Show

It is recommended to buy tickets online as during public holidays there is waiting and show goes full so if you don’t want to miss you can book it online there are counters too where you can book the ticket.

The show is on different timings please check and choose the one which suits you before booking.

You can book it online on main official page https://www.dubaidolphinarium.ae/shows.


If you love travelling and explore new places and want to know more about the famous tourist attractions please visit our World Travel page for more information.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the nearest metro station for The Museum of Future?

The nearest metro station to the museum of the future is THE EMIRATES TOWERS.

Is there any waiting at the Museum of the Future?

Yes there is but the wait time is less if you have booked your tickets online then the only time is to get the band of Future from the machines.

How to reach the View Palm Jumeirah from airport?

The View observatory is in Palm Jumeirah to reach The View if you are commuting with Metro you have to change at Shobha reality then change to Tramp Marina Tower to palm Jumeirah and finally to monorail from Palm Gateway to Nakheel Mall.

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