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Seoul Hiking: Conquer Mt. Baengnyeonsan & Eunpyeong Trail 5 Course

Nothing can beat exploring or experiencing the best this is all about Seoul hiking.

Nothing compares to taking a stroll or a hike and spending some time by yourself in nature. Here in Seoul, we are experiencing the best of the world-famous Eunpyeong 5-course trails and exploring the nicest locations the walk that refreshes the soul.

During a recent trip to Seoul, we hiked the green portion of the well-known Eunpyeong trail at Mt. Baengnyeonsan and discovered some of the city’s most breathtaking temples and trails.

Mt. Baengnyeonsan is one of the most beautiful mountains located in Hongeun-dong. It is in Seodaemun-gu in Seoul, South Korea. Baengnyeonsan means White Lotus Mountain.

The mountain is on the border of Seodaemun-gu and Eunpyeong-gu. It is around 55-60 km from the Incheon International Airport which takes 50 min of travel time. It has an elevation of 300 mtr approx. and most of the area is covered with trees making the Mt. Baengnyeon attractive.

In its neighborhood there are several other mountains like Mt. Bukhansan and Mt. Inwangsan. Comparing to these mountains Mt. Baengnyeon is not that steep and around the mountain there is lot of other travel attractions.

The famous Eunpyeong Trail 5 course is one of the most famous and connects more than 20 tourist attractions. It is passes through Mt. Baengnyeon the course of the trail and is named Green Trails.

It covers around 6-7 Km of area of the famous Eunpyeong Trail.

Mt. Baengnyeonsan

If you are looking of a quiet place where you can spend some time in solitude then Mt. Baengnyeonsan is the one.  If you love hiking, there are trails that takes you to various pavilion or the viewpoints to enjoy the beautiful view.

Not only this you must explore the green trails course which is a part of famous Eunpyeong Trail 5 course.

The green trails covers 5-6 Km of trail while connecting to tourist attractions.

The trails are moderately challenging which makes it more interesting. It is great for hiking, and if you love walking then this place is for you. Total time to complete is around 2-3 hours.

Highlights of Trail – Seoul Hiking

  • During your hiking you will see pavilion. You will get the best view of Eunpyeong-gu and other mountains.
  • The pavilions are named as Palgakjeong and Eunpyeongjeong.
  • Baengnyeon Neighborhood Park has open gym facility, badminton courts, and children’s park.
  • Baengnyeon Park, Nolong.
  • It connects you to temples around three main temples I found out while walking in the trail one of them is Baekryeonsa Temple.

Eunpyeong Trail 5 Course in Seoul Hiking – Tourist Attractions

If you love hiking and want to explore the best of Seoul then you definitely check out the Eunpyeong Trail 5 course. It is one of the famous trails and connects to more than 20 major tourist attractions nearby.

There are total of five courses in Eunpyeong Trail, Covering a total distance of 24 Km, click here to get the trail guide map.

  • Green Trail – 4.4 KM
  • Blue Trail  – 5.6 Km
  • Yellow Trail – 2.7 Km
  • Red Trail – 3.8 Km
  • Purple Trail – 7.5 Km

During my stay in Seoul, I covered the green trail which connects Seodaemun-gu and Eunpyeong-gu. There is not enough information available on the internet. Most of the articles are rather confusing.

During my hike on the green trail, I found the Eunpyeong Trail tourist attractions guide map. You can download the map here. The map helped me out to know more about Eunpyeong Trail.

Things to take care of while you are in Seoul

Language is a definite barrier of you are not familiar with Korean language. The markings, directions, and instructions on the trail Eunpyeong trail 5 Course and Mt. Baengnyeon are all in Korean language. Only a few places I was able to find the name of the location in English.

Not only this, if you go to the market you will see all the products and their ingredients written in Korean language. It is difficult if you don’t have a translator or a Korean friend with you. Not many are fluent in English, so be prepared.

It is better to learn the language basics to communicate. Some helpful words you may want to learn are HELP, SORRY, THANK YOU etc. It will make your stay more comfortable.

The Trail on Mt. Baengnyeon

The Eunpyeong trail connects you to the major tourist attractions in Seoul some of them are in Eunpyeong-gu and Seodaemun-gu. Here as of now I am mentioning the one that I have visited which comes under Green Trails which is a part of famous Eunpyeong Trail. However, this list will be updated soon as I visit new places.

  • Baengnyeon Neighborhood Park
  • Baekryeonsa Temple
  • Bomusa Temple

Baekryeonsa Temple

It is one of the Buddhist Temple around Seoul founded in 747 A.D. and considered to be the first and largest pure land temple in Korea’s history.

The temple has long been worshiped by people with the belief that they can be reborn in the Pure Land if they visit Gyeontri temple (a pure land temple) and preserved as the place where people people pray for peace and prosperity of the nation at the time of national crisis.

Frequently Asked Questions

How to Reach Seoul from INDIA and forms to fill at the Airport?

If you are travelling to south Korea from India there is a direct flight thrice a week which takes 6-7 hours of flying time. After arrival at the airport, you must fill certain documents. Moreover, they are mandatory for everyone. The documents include HEALTH CARD and TRAVELER DECLARATION FORM. This is for customs to declare the goods. Finally, your IMMIGRATION FORM which you will get before landing.

As of now, due to covid, the Korean authorities at the airport are strict and conduct proper examination and temperature check. Face mask is mandatory for everyone not limited to airport but at all public places.

While flying from Seoul you must take care and pack your luggage on your own. Take care of any liquid items, lithium ion batteries. Below is the list of items that are prohibited.

Where to stay near Mt. Baengnyeon in Seodaemun-gu?

During my stay in Hongeun-dong, I stayed in Swiss grand hotel. The hotel has fantastic views of Baengnyeon Mountain from your room. Also, you can explore the nearest market and hike to Eunpyeong trail 5 Course. Additionally, the hotel has good connectivity to the city.

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