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Tel Aviv Best: 6 Must-Visit Places in a Day

Explore Tel Aviv Best – The must visit places is yet to be discovered.

Israel, a country in western Asia offers unique attractions.

This amazing country has something for everyone.

In this blog we will cover the Tel Aviv Best Top 6 must visit places that can be covered in a day that you cannot miss.

Tel Aviv “The city that never sleeps” is one of the most populous city of Israel because of the high end restaurants, top cuisine, night life, beautiful beaches, and diverse culture bring the city to life.

A large number of tourists visit every year, Tel Aviv has a place for you always, the city is a combination of old and new diversity.

Moreover, it is known as the world’s vegan food capital situated on the coast of Mediterranean sea.

After Jerusalem (capital of Israel), Tel Aviv is the second most populous city.

Tel Aviv has lot to explore one can spend hours sitting next to the beach as the world beautiful beaches are been taken good care by the government of Israel they have worked effortlessly and has taken care of all the amenities and the maintenance.

They have children’s park, open gyms with high end equipment, and tourist information center. You can enjoy a lot of fun activities.

This blog is all about the things that you can cover in one day. My suggestion, if you want to know Israel better, then take out time and spend some days in Tel Aviv.

Tel Aviv Best : 6 Must-Visit Places in a Day!

Tel Aviv Beaches

Tel Aviv which is on the coastline of Mediterranean sea.

The beach stretches around 10-15 km. There are more than 12 beaches in Tel Aviv as some of them are in the top list.

Here you can spend your day engaging yourself in various activities like playing footvolley, volleyball, open gyms. Furthermore, there are also water sports like surfing, kayaking, windsurfing etc. If not anything, you can spend quality time sitting next to the beach restaurant.

You can enjoy the lovely blue waves and witness the best sunset.

For more information on Tel Aviv beaches and videos you can read our article Top 10 beaches in Tel Aviv-Yafo.

The beach in Tel Aviv are connected some of the best beach are listed below

The Wishing Bridge

An ancient legend holds that anyone boarding the bridge, holds its zodiac sign and looks at the sea – their wish will come true”.

The wishing bridge is a wooden bridge connecting the park with the other end.

It takes you towards the view point from where you can see the Andromeda’s Rock and old Jaffa Port.

You can come and wish for something good in your life. It has all 12 Zodiac signs.

You have to hold your zodiac sign and look toward the Mediterranean sea and make a wish.

You can watch the complete video click here.

Carmel Market (Shuk Ha’Carmel)

It is one of the largest and the busiest market in Tel Aviv.

It was established in 1920 in Carmel street. That’s how it got its name Carmel.

It is one of the main attractions. You will find the people selling everything from spices to fruits and clothing to electronics and footwear.

If you are a food enthusiast, then it is one the Tel Aviv best places.

The colorful stalls selling the best local food and delicious bakeries are delicious.

This market is open everyday, except on Shabbat on Saturdays. It will make your visit worth to visit the market for its local fast food, restaurant and fresh fruits.

Old Jaffa Port

Although, old Jaffa port is one of the oldest port in the world.

It tells you a lot about Jewish History. Moreover, you will find about Jaffa port in many books including the Hebrew Bible.

In 1948, Tel Aviv and Jaffa merged into one city and since then they are one town “Tel Aviv -Yafo”.

Now a days Old Jaffa is served as a tourist attractions and the port is still running transformed into a new look you can see ships are parked and next to the dock there are beautiful restaurant, many groups can be seen taking guided tour. This beautiful port has changed a lot and renewed. You can see Arabs and Israeli Jews working together.

The port is still active you can see boats are still coming in, It is very trending place arts can be seen on the walls here public places are turned into fabric houses, restaurants, bars. During sunset the place become romantic in the evening. It is fun for families I loved the place you can enjoy the crowd. with my experience it is such a special place you must come and feel the magic .

For Nearly 150 years, the name of Jaffa spread all over the Mediterranean and Europe.

It is due to one product that is grown here, Jaffa Orange.

It is from here, the fruit is exported. Orchards gradually grew up around the city and became the main stay of its economy. When the Shamouti orange developed in the Jaffa orchards become a household word, it became known as Jaffa oranges.

It is one of the Tel Aviv best places.

Jaffa Flea Market

It is one of the most visited spot in all of Israel. Jaffa is an old port city with over years the Jaffa City has changed a lot.

If you are in Tel Aviv, you must visit the beautiful Jaffa flea market.

It attracts all age groups. In the stating you will see the beautiful clock tower which symbolizes the center of the city. Built in 1905 in the honor of sultan’s 25th marriage anniversary. Also, across the clock tower, Jaffa flea market starts In Hebrew, it is “Shuk Hapishpishim“.

You will get souvenirs, jewelllery, clothing, furniture, bakery, old fashioned café, perfumes, antiques and restaurants. You will find more unique things here in Jaffa.

Basically there are two famous flea markets but Jaffa is much bigger than the other Carmel Market. So, it is typical Tel Aviv it may remind you some of the market in Jerusalem.

Sunset Point – Hilton

Though there are many points from where you can see the sunset and enjoy the evening but after staying in Tel Aviv, till now the best place I feel is the Hotel Hilton.

The view from the top is amazing. People gather, sit and relax and enjoy the beautiful evening. Next to the sunset point there is a park which has an open library.

During my stay I enjoyed watching sunset from the beach. You can also watch Old Jaffa boats sailing and people surfing. The colors of nature is amazing.

Apart from these five places, there are many other places that has historical importance. And the one which is really beautiful in Tel Aviv.

Frequently Asked Questions

Guidelines for International travel travelling to Israel nowadays during Covid?

If you are travelling to Tel Aviv, there are few things that you have to keep in mind. You need to follow all and adhere to latest guidelines on Covid. Visit the official website. Here, you will find all the information. 10 Days before arriving to Israel, you need to fill-up a form online. Tel Aviv best places are a must for any visitor.

General Information for Tourist for entry into Israel?

You can find the information related to entry into Israel on their official website.

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