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Copenhagen Attractions – Top 10 Places to Explore

Copenhagen Attractions – The capital city of Denmark is Copenhagen which is one of the most populous city with a population of 1.2 million people covers the best top sightseeing attractions in the world.

It was thought to have been founded by Bishop Absalon in 1167, but is now thought to be more than a hundred years older.

The Danish Monarchy is the oldest in the world, and the royal family lives in Copenhagen.

The Copenhagen has the longest pedestrian street in Europe known as Stroget.

Around 55% of all Copenhageners commute to work or to their place of study by bike.

The water in the Copenhagen Harbour is so clean one can swim in it.

This blog will help you to cover the top Copenhagen attractions, The Capital city is considered to be one of the most beautiful city and first choice of people from all over the world.

Copenhagen Attractions – Top Places to Explore

Church of our Saviour

copenhagen attractions

Church of our savior is one of the most famous church of Copenhagen the popular pastime is to enter the tower and climb 400 steps to reach to the top of the Church.

The entrance ticket is around 50 DKK.

The Church at a height of 90 Mtr from street level, it is estimated than yearly around more than 60000 people visit the Church.

So far from time to time the church is renovated and once past the view from the top of the church has been voted the best by the people of Copenhagen.

Once you reach the top of the Church the View is amazing you cannot imagine you can cover entire Copenhagen.


You can visit the royal HDMS PEDER SKRAM warship for around 22 years PEDER SKRAM was the flagship of the Navy.

The warship consisting of frigates, corvettes, torpedo/missile boats and units from the German fleet air Arm, the main task was to prevent an invasion of sea land.

You can book a tour online or at the counter visit the ship where you will experience the life of our warriors.

The frigate is placed at the Mast Crane at Naval Station Holmen, in a historical military area called Nyholm, The area is featuring a number of beautiful old buildings worth seeing.

The Naval Station is open to public from 08 till sunset.

For tickets you can visit

The peder skram is open around the year for guided tours on request.

Submarine SAELEN Tour (Denmark’s Last Submarine)

copenhagen attractions

SAELEN is Denmark’s last submarine. In 2004 the submarine arm of the Royal Danish Navy was decommissioned. So ends a proud Danish submarine tradition that began in 1909 with the purchase of the submarine DYKKEREN.

SAELEN was built for the Royal Norwegian Navy in the Federal Republic of Germany in 1965, In 1985 Denmark decided to acquire three submarines from the Norwegian Navy.

In 1990 SAELEN was commissioned in the Royal Danish Navy.

After the terrorist attack in the USA in 2001, NATO deployed a naval task force in the Mediterranean. The main objective was to monitor the area for terrorist related activities, On NATO’s request SAELEN was sent on patrol in the Mediterranean.

In 2003 SAELEN was redeployed from the Mediterranean to the Persian Gulf to partake in the attack on Iraq, SAELEN did not partake in any offensive deployments; however she was tasked with monitoring the vital traffic in the Straits of Hormuz.

In 2004 the Danish parliament decided to terminate the submarine arm of the Royal Danish Navy, SAELEN was decommissioned as the last submarine in service and donated to the National Museum of Military History.


copenhagen attractions

Mask Crane tour is available around the year it is better to combine the tour with warship PEDER SKRAM, Submarine SAELEN and MAST CRANE.

It is a guided tour which covers all the view from the top of the Mask Crane is amazing you can see the area around the naval station.

The Mast crane is Huge and inside the Mast crane it is all wooden as in Past Mast Crane is used for unloading and Offloading of Luggage into the Ships it has played an important role in Past.


copenhagen attractions

Nyhavn “ New Harbour” is a perfect place to sit and relax.

The beauty of the place is mesmerizing there is canal around the canal you can see beautiful colorful houses on both sides and a bridge full with lock.

It is considered to be one of the best place to hangout with you loved ones to sit and chill with a drink the vibe is amazing.

This place is worth a visit as you can also book harbor and canal tours from Nyhavn.

Amager Beach

copenhagen attractions

The City beach in Copenhagen is beautiful stretched for about two kilometers the Amager beach is opened in 2005 to the public.

It is an artificial beach island.

Depending upon the weather you will find people swimming, kayaking, roller-skating, walking, jogging etc. as on windy days the beach is popular with wind and kite surfers.

Metro Station: Amager Strand

The Little Mermaid

The little mermaid is a bronze statue one of the famous tourist attraction point the statue is of mermaid becoming human sits on a rock over water at Langelinie Pier.

It is based on the inspiring story of fairytale, a mermaid fell in love and gave up everything to be with the young handsome prince.

Around the Little mermaid there is a nice port area and a park where one can sit and rest.


copenhagen attractions

Christiania is an autonomous neighborhood which is situated on the island of Christianshavn. It was created by squatters in 1971 and it still attracts people with an alternative lifestyle.

Today around 1000 people live there, Have a stroll around this green area and be inspired by the self-made houses.

You will also find a variety of eco restaurants, workshops, galleries and music venues.

Stroget Shopping Street

copenhagen attractions

Stroget is the longest pedestrian street in Europe and stretches from Kongens Nytorv to the City Hall Square.

It offers a mix of shops, cafes and street musicians, if you are looking for a quieter café are you may find Stroget more pleasant.

It runs parallel to Stroget from Amagertorv, the square with the stork fountain.

Tivoli Garden

copenhagen attractions

Tivoli Gardens has it all from the world second oldest amusement park, considered to be the heart of the city Tivoli Gardens has everything from rides to the beautiful gardens.

There is a theme park it likes that you have entered a whole new world full with fun activities you will love to be visit the beautiful theme Park.

How to Explore Copenhagen?

Copenhagen has an integrated ticket system for bus and train services in greater Copenhagen, when you buy a ticket for the metro you can use it on the buses and trains as well.

By Copenhagen Metro

This blog will help you with practical travel information to travel in Metro, As travelling by metro is one of the easiest ways of getting around Copenhagen.

The metro runs 24 hours a day check planned changes on

Tickets and Zones
  • Single Tickets (2 Zones and 3 Zones)
  • City Pass
  • Copenhagen Card

Single Tickets

The system is based on a number of zones. For the trip from the airport to the centre you will need a three zone ticket and when travelling around in the inner city you usually need two zones.


Two Zone ticket are valid for one hour and fifteen minutes and three zone ticket for an hour and a half.


Don’t travel without a ticket, Please buy a ticket before you get on otherwise you may face a fine of DKK 750.

City Pass

Buy a city Pass and travel as much as you like on the metro, bus and train with in zones 1-4 ( this includes all of central Copenhagen and journeys to and from the airport) there are two versions 24 hours and 72 hours.

Order at

City Pass zone 1 – 4 24 hours 80 DKK and 72 Hours is for 200 DKK.

Copenhagen Card

With a Copenhagen card in hand, you can travel for free in all of the Copenhagen area. You also have free entry to about 72 museums and attractions and discounts on restaurants, car hire, shops and sights.


Th price can differ depend upon the card you have selected it starts from 24 hours day pass which is for 399 DKK till 899 DKK which is for 120 hours.

Note: Up to two children under the age of 12 travel for free when accompanied by an adult with a valid ticket.

By Sightseeing Hop on Buses

copenhagen attractions

Even travelling by buses and getting around Copenhagen is by sightseeing hop on buses and regular buses , The Hop on buses comes and pick you up at an regular interval, it is one of the best way to explore the sightseeing places around the city.

For all the tickets and Passes read above we have mentioned everything regarding the integrated travel system of Copenhagen.

Canal Tour Cruise

You can cover the city of Copenhagen from Canal tours which is also a unique way of exploring the city, Canal Tours are normally the guided tours where they take you to the sightseeing places and tells you more about the places.

Canal tours can be booked from various places there are separate ticketing counters which are easily available.


Around half of the population love to travel by cycle as you can see many people travelling by cycle and different types of bicycle can be seen on the street which makes it special another way to explore Copenhagen is by hiring the Bicycle.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the official website of Denmark?

Now you can know more about Denmark on their official page

What is the currency of Copenhagen, Denmark?

The currency of Denmark is The Krone (DKK – Danish Krone) (1Krone = 12.27 INR )

Is there any Amusement park in Denmark?

Yes there are amusement park in Copenhagen named Tivoli Gardens.

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