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Nainital Travel Guide: Uttarakhand Hill Station

Nainital Travel Guide will make it easier for you to organise your trip to the beautiful Hill Station in Uttarakhand.

Uttarakhand which is also known as “Devbhoomi” (land of the Gods), has got a rich heritage culture and the best sightseeing places to explore the best of Uttarakhand let start with Nanital which is in Kumon region.

Kumaon Himalayas is a divine manifestation of the most complex natural laws that have been working for millennia to carve out the ideal cradle in the arms of the lofty peaks that remain standing as sentinels, providing solace and inspiring awe in humanity.

Nainital is one such place.

So, here is your ultimate travel guide for your next visit and if you are planning to visit Uttarakhand do visit the official website for latest updates as it will make your travel smooth.


nainital travel guide

Nainital, a gift with picturesque natural splendor and a variety of natural resources, is a shining jewel in the Himalayan chain.

The district is the “Lake District” tucked away high in the Kumaon Himalayas at a height of about 2,000 meters above sea level.

Its never-ending supply of stunning beauty is nothing less than a love affair with majestic and unspoiled Mother Nature.

It is the administrative hub for the district of the same name and contains the state’s High Court, making it the center of Uttarakhand’s judicial system. Raj Bhavan, where the governor of Uttarakhand lives, is also home to him.

Also, the United Provinces’ summer capital was Nainital.

The seven hills surround this charming hamlet, collectively known as “SaptaShring,” or Ayarpata, Deopata, Handi-Bandi, Naina, Alma, Lariya-Kanta, and Sher-Ka-Danda.

The gorgeous mountains and the lake’s brilliant waters enhance the town’s charm.


Town’s main attraction is the emerald alpine lake, Naina, which is frequently dotted with bright sailboats.

According to folklore, the lake is thought to have been created when the goddess “Sati’s” eyes fell here when Lord Shiva was carrying her body after she passed away.

The venerated Naina Devi shrine, located on the lake’s edge, is another reason for its fame.

In addition to being a popular tourist destination. Nainital is renowned for its esteemed educational institutions and schools, many of which date back to the British era.

There are many famous individuals were either born here or have some connection to Nainital.

Author and environmentalist Jim Corbett was raised in Nainital and attended local schools.

Manish Pandey, a cricketer and Anoop Jalota, a well-known classical singer, were both born in Nainital.

Amitabh Bachchan and Major Somnath Sharma, both famed actors and the countries first recipients of the Param Vir Chakra, attended Sherwood College in Nainital.

Today Nainital have everything which is needed for an ideal vacation.

Numerous hotels and resorts are located on the hillside, the Mall Road is a bustling commercial area; cafes and restaurants offer both local and international cuisine; and there are several woodland trails that provide breathtaking views of the surroundings.

You can go canoeing on the lake or even try horseback riding in the town. Mountaineering and hot-air ballooning are some popular activities in Nainital.

Favorable time to visit

The frozen lakes and snowcapped slopes of this hill town draw tourist particularly all year around with their timeless beauty.

However, the summer/spring season, which runs from March to June, is the greatest time to visit Nainital.

It becomes a snowy paradise in the winter after receiving a lot of snow, making it a well-liked Christmas and New Year destination.

Nainital – Top Tourist Attractions in Hill Station

Naina Devi Temple

The Naini Devi Temple, home to Goddess Naini Devi, is near the northern end of the renowned Nainital Lake. 

Goddess is portrayed by her two eyes at this revered shrine. Devotees travel great distances to receive Maa Naina Devi’s blessing. 

Thousands of worshippers visit the temple each year, which is atop the Naina hilltop next to the Naini Lake. 

Near the Naina Devi Temple, there are numerous stores where one can purchase prasad and other items for Pooja.

Nainital Zoo

The Sher Ka Danda hill is where the Nainital Zoo, a high-altitude zoo, is located at a height of 2,100 meters (6,900 ft.) above sea level.

The zoo occupies 4.6 hectares, or 11 acres, of lush space.

It was founded in 1984, and in 1995 with its first welcomed guests. In 2002, Pt. Govind Ballabh Pant High Altitude Zoo was the zoo’s official name.

Snow View Point

The nicest aspect of visiting this observation point, which is one of the oldest in existence, is to use the ropeway. Ideal location to spend time with children, especially with families.

A wide range of enjoyable activities are available, including shooting, shopping, visiting adventure parks, wall climbing, go-karting, and many more.

The best view is enjoyed from the top during the winter months when Nainital is blanketed in snow.

Tiffin Top

Tiffin Top, popularly known as “Dorothy’s seat,” is a well-liked picnic location in Nainital and it is on the gorgeous Ayarpatta hilltop.

It not only provides an expansive perspective of the entire city of Nainital but also guarantees that you will have a moment to capture with lovely backdrops and surroundings.

Naina Peak

Naina Peak, Nainital’s tallest hilltop and one of the most visited tourist destinations, is a sight to behold when it emerges through the Cloudy mirage.

The inhabitants here also refer to it as cheen peak or china peak.


Sattal, also known as the Seven Lakes, is a confluence of seven freshwater lakes connecting to one another in the lower Himalayan range near Bhimtal.

There are numerous species of fish and butterflies in the lake.

The famous butterfly museum, which Frederic Smetacek constructed at the Jones estate and includes over 2500 different species of beautiful winged creatures as well as over 1100 different bug species, is also open to visitors.

The Himalaya Museum

The Himalayan Museum, 1987 is a part of Kumaon University’s Department of History and has been preserving Uttarakhand’s historical and cultural identity ever since.

Discover records and artefacts relating to the archaeology, history, folklore, culture, agricultural development, and famous people of Uttarakhand.

A four-armed Ganesha idol and four-armed Statues of the sun lord and Lord Vishnu are among the most see items.

The museum also has a number of veerkhambs Victory stones and a staggering assortment of antiquity coins. Armed statues of the Sun God and Lord Vishnu are among the must-see items.

St. John in the wilderness Church

St. John in the Wilderness Church is one of Nainital’s earliest structures and one of the most famous tourist attractions.

Built in 1846, the stunning Neogothic church has tall deodar and pine trees in the centre of forest. Jim Corbett, a hunter and naturalist, attended this  chapel regularly and was a devout member.


An almost heart-shaped lake called Sariyatal is located on the Kaladungi Highway in the Nainital district, 5 kilometers from Nainital.

It is in a lovely green setting and is fed by a mountain stream. Another place here is the Himalayan Botanical Garden.


The crystal-clear Naukuchiatal Lake, with its nine corners, is a stunning sight, and it’s only 25 kilometers away from Nainital. Enjoy bird viewing, fishing, rowing, paddling, and sailing.


One such lovely hamlet in the state of Uttarakhand is Pangot, which is only 15 km from Nainital, well known as the “city of lakes.” 

It feels like you are entering a secluded Himalayan village as you enter Pangot more than  250 species of birds thrive in and around this haven for birdwatchers, according to Jungle  Lore Birding Lodge.

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Adventure in Nainital


One of the most exciting and enticing-activities for thrill seekers at Nainital is paragliding. There is no denying that tourists visiting Nainital’s Paragliding enjoy the adventure.

In Nainital, there are several locations to practice paragliding even while Nainital offers a wide variety of sports paragliding is undoubtedly among the greatest.

In this hill  station,  people enjoy the thrill  and excitement of flying like birds.  Try this wonderful sport  when you are in  Nainital.

Trekking and Hiking

Furthermore, adventure seekers can hike and experience the natural world on one of the many hiking paths in and around Nainital.

Popular hiking trails include the Bhimtal Trek, Binayak Trek, Kainchi Trek, Kilbury Trek, and Snow View Trek.

Boating & Kayaking

Here, soak up the beauty of the lake by kayak or boat in its blue-green waters.

Meanwhile, there are several adventure clubs here that offer boats and kayaks for rent.

Hot Air Ballooning

Another adventure activity at Nainital is the hot air balloon. There are camps for hot- air ballooning in and near Nainital, primarily at Sukhatal.

Take a ride in a vibrant hot air balloon as it takes you above the hills and valleys.


Also, it should come as no surprise that Nainital has a unique golf course on its lush slopes. At the course inside Raj Bhavan, golf  competitions happen every year.

A stunning location that offers a professional experience is the Raj Bhavan golf course. You should still go there for the sights even if you don’t play golf. There are other golfing facilities.

Famous Market in Nainital

Mall road in Nainital has a history of its own when it comes to shopping.

When tourists and residents opt to walk on it in the evening, it comes to life.

Moreover, small food stands and large shopping centers fill the area around them with a wonderful cacophony.

Tallital (Tail of the Lake) and Mallital (Head of the Lake) are the two ends of the Mall Road.

Also, Tallital welcomes new visitors with a wide angle view of the sparkling lake, nearby mountains, colonial era buildings, and the statue of Mahatma Gandhi.

So, with numerous restaurants serving delectable meals and hotels with lakes, Mallital provides entertainment for its visitors. Tourists get lost in the abundant smorgasbord of items such as crafts, clothing, jutis, handcrafted name plates, and other trendy items at the Tibet market clothing and bada bazaar ever rich local collection manufacture candles.

Then for a pleasant Nainital tour necessary to understand the soul of Nainital is in that market.

Nainital’s market is the best place to visit in Nainital.

How to reach Nainital

By Train

The Ranikhet Express is a well-known train that departs from New Delhi and Kathgodam. The closest railway station is in Kathgodam – 23km from Nainital.

You can then take a bus to Nainital after arriving at the railway station.

By Road

From New Delhi, it is 300 km by bus. You can take a bus from Delhi Anand Vihar Bus Terminal and cover the trip in approximately 7 hours.

By Air

PantNagar Airport is Nainital’s closest airport. After that, you need to take a bus or a taxi for 70 Kms.

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